Check price, strength and go to fashion IPOGMP today

Go to Fashion IPO List: The initial public offering or IPO of Go Fashion India Limited, which sells women’s bottomwear, received a lot of feedback from bidders when it closed earlier this month. The Go Fashion IPO will be listed on Tuesday, November 30th. The public offer will be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) on the day. In response to strong requests from non-institutional investors, Go Fashion’s first offer was oversubscribed 135.46 times during the three-day bidding process. The final decision on the basis of the Go Fashion IPO’s share allotment was made a day ago.

Fashion IPO price range, go to important details

Opened November 17-22, the Go Fashion IPO consists of 888.60 rupees worth of fresh revenue and 125 rupees worth of sales (OFS). The initial public offering price range is 655 to 690 rupees per share. The company does not receive revenue from the OFS portion of the offer.

The Go Fashion IPO’s share allocation will be amended on Friday and those who acquire the shares will be credited to their demat account on Monday, November 29th. You can check your application status on the BSE website and the registrar website. If someone wants to check.

Go Fashion IPOs have been divided into qualified institutional investors, non-institutional investors and retail buyers. Of this, up to 75% of the shares were booked with qualified institutional or QIB and 15% were allocated to non-institutional investors. The remaining 10% of the shares were reserved for non-institutional buyers.

This issue is oversubscribed primarily with the support of non-institutional investors. Non-institutional investors have bid on this issue 262.08 times. Eligible institutional buyers bought 100.73 times the shares reserved for them, and retail buyers bid 49.70 times the portion reserved for them.

Go to the strengths of a fashion IPO

Go Fashion India Limited is one of India’s largest women’s bottomwear brands and is the company’s greatest strength when it goes public on Tuesday. GoFashion’s extensive and diverse product portfolio, which owns the bottomwear brand GoColors, and the advantages of the pioneers serve as another advantage. In addition, the company has 459 exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) across 23 Indian states and Union Territory, making it popular with investors. The company’s strong financial performance puts it in an advantageous position.

Go to fashion IPOGMP today

Go Fashion shares won a gray market premium of 480 rupees on Tuesday, November 16th. This is about 70% above the company’s maximum price range of 690 rupees per share. This means that the stock will be listed on the gray market for about Rs1,170. High GMP indicates that Go Fashion shares were listed on the Indian National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) later this month.

Purpose of issuing Go Fashion IPO

The amount of Rs 33.70 raised for this issue will be used to fund the development of GoFashion’s 120 new exclusive brand stores. It is also used for working capital requirements (Rs 61.45) and general corporate purposes, the company said.

The lead underwriters on this issue are JM Financial Limited, DAM Capital Advisors Limited, and ICICI Securities Limited.

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Check price, strength and go to fashion IPOGMP today

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