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Ever wondered why Indians touch elders’ feet? It’s just one of many traditions rooted in reason. In “Returning to Roots: Celebrating India’s Wisdom and Health,” Luke Coutinho and Tamanna share the rationale behind more than 100 such practices that help promote long-term health. increase.

Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach-Integrated and Lifestyle Medicine, and Founder, YouCare-All about you, who talks about the inspiration for this book, says: If there’s one lesson in the last 7-8 years dealing with the illness and health of patients suffering from obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, thyroid status, Algemer’s disease, hormonal imbalance, etc., it’s simple. It means that there is a luxury of thyroid gland. Returning to roots is about the basic needs of living. “

“This doesn’t mean you’re never eager anymore,” he says, “remember what your basic needs for a healthy life are.” ..

Luke shared that in ancient times he was inspired by the tradition of “the worst illness and the best happiness” and said, “People don’t have as much technology and comfort as they do today, yet such a fulfilling life. .. No matter how much we progress in terms of life and lifestyle, the basic needs of our body and mind never change, so when we return to our roots, those powerful We will embrace tradition and simplicity. ”He emphasizes,β€œ As human beings, we must be proud of these roots, whether Indian or not. ”

He says it took about two years to put the book together and the work was smooth despite the pandemic.

Luke, who details the collaboration with actress Tamanna for this book, said: We loved interacting with health, wellness, busy routines and schedules, and the challenges she faces where she is. What surprised me about Tamanna was that I could simplify nutrition, lifestyle and emotional health in my busy schedule and life. “

Luke believes that the ancient wisdom of India can only be published by practicing it and following it. “I think the best way to raise awareness is to set an example. For most of our traditional practices, we already have enough information, scientific evidence, and knowledge, but how much. Are you following discipline? The only way to regain consciousness is to put it into practice. Change must start with us, “he insists.

And as a reader, what inspires him? I love books about life lessons, real-life experiences, magic, and the wonders that our human body can do like the subconscious and visualization, “says Holistic Life Coach.

Change to traditional

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