Celebrity Condolences for Nikki Tambori’s Brother Jatin’s Death in Covid-19

Jatin Tamboli, brother of Nikki Tamboli, the fame of Bigg Boss 14, died on May 4th due to Covid-19. Nikki revealed her loss on social media by sharing a photo of her brother along with an emotional letter. The reality show star posted a series of photos of her brother and wrote a heartbreaking note that began with the actress saying, “I didn’t know God would call your name this morning.” She went on to say: She and her family loved him dearly when he was alive and continued to do the same after his death. A tragic note includes that his death destroyed her and her family. They feel imperfect without him. “The chains in our family are broken, and nothing looks the same, but when God calls us one by one, the chains reconnect,” the actress added.

Earlier, Nikki hinted that her brother was not observing her health due to many health challenges. She posted on an Instagram article and begged fans to pray for the quick recovery of her brother, who was fighting Covid-19 and several other health problems.

Two days ago, Nikki, along with his family, did a puja in her residence for his brother’s recovery and wrote, “You have your sister waiting for you.”

Recently, the actress revealed her brother’s illness in an interview. She even states that she is doing an adventure reality show Khatron Ke Kiladi Season 11 for her brothers because it is his dream to meet her at the show and he has great confidence in her. I did. Nikki said he was proud of his brother and ready to take on the challenge.

The disastrous news of her brother’s death made her fans and friends sad and discouraged. Many celebrities and people in the industry condolences to Nikki and her bereaved family. TV actor Arjun Vijani and reality show star Varun Sud were both co-participants in KKK Season 11 Nikki and shared their support.

Nikki’s co-competitor at BiggBoss 14 and her friend Jasmine Basin wrote in honor of her: stay strong. May his soul tear. Be careful, “read Ali Goni’s comment. “Stay a strong Nikkiura fighter. May Allah put his soul to sleep peacefully.”

Avinab Shukla also expressed his condolences, saying, “I apologize for the loss of Nikki. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.”

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Celebrity Condolences for Nikki Tambori’s Brother Jatin’s Death in Covid-19

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