Capil Sharma has fun with Tarp Sea Panne and the reason is Akshay Kumar

Promotion of Rashmi Rocket, the latest movie of Tarpsy Panne, is in full swing. The actress was invited as a special guest at the comedy show Kapil Sharma Show. As expected, the episode scheduled to air over the weekend will surely make you laugh. Meanwhile, a promotional video of Tarpsy’s appearance with the movie team is shared by Sony TV on the official Instagram handle.

The promotional clip shows that host Capil ridiculed Tarpsy with humor and removed Akshay Kumar from the film. With reference to the 2015 movie Baby, Kapil said she continued to make a thorough spin-off movie after she worked with Akshay and excluded Akshay from the film. He then stated that Tarpsy created a rocket with the actors in the movie “Mission Mangal,” this time creating a Rashmi rocket, and removing Akshay again. This caused Tarpsy to laugh out loud. She told Kapil not to do the same. Capil pointed to Arcanaplansin and said he was talking about her.

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In sports dramas, you’ll see the role of a sprinter dreaming of an actress’s essay growing as a national athlete. Set in Kutch in 2014, the film traces Rashmi’s ban on sports due to high levels of testosterone. The story further navigates her pursuit of justice as she undertakes the National Athletics Association in a court battle to regain her respect and identity. Priyanshu Painyuli, Supriya Pathak and Abhishek Banerjee also play an important role in this film directed by Akarsh Khurana.

Talking to the Indian Express recently, Tarpsy pondered how Rashmi Rocket differs from other female-led films she’s ever done. “The women-led movies I’ve done so far are all about girls who are vulnerable, after which she becomes the hero of her life. Here, Rashmi is the hero from the first frame. For me, she was a heroic big-screen character, “she said.

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Capil Sharma has fun with Tarp Sea Panne and the reason is Akshay Kumar

Source link Capil Sharma has fun with Tarp Sea Panne and the reason is Akshay Kumar

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