Canadian doctors help Ugandan women fly and give birth to children

Canadian doctor Aisha Khatib helped a Ugandan woman give birth to a baby on an overnight flight in early December. Khatib shared a photo of her baby with her on Twitter early on Friday.

Dr. Katib, who works as a professor at the University of Toronto, replied after a flight operator asked if there was a doctor on board on the way to Entebbe, Uganda. The BBC reported that the baby born to a Ugandan migrant worker returning from Saudi Arabia was named Miracle Aisha after the doctor who helped her give birth.

“I see a lot of people gathering around the patient. As I approached, I saw this woman lying in her seat with her head facing the aisle and her feet facing the window. A baby has come out! “Dr. Khatib was reportedly said by the BBC News Agency.

“I saw a baby, she was stable, and I saw a mom, and she was okay, so I thought,” Congratulations, it’s a girl. ” Then the whole plane began to applaud and cheer, “she added.

In a tweet on Friday, the Qatar Airways airline crew thanked Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for helping with the delivery with two tumor nurses and a pediatrician. The baby after giving birth was crying hard.

Dr. Khatib also told the BBC that he was happy that the child was named after her, saying that it was “the best part of the story.” According to BBC reports, Miracle Aisha received the gold necklace that Aisha wore, and the word Aisha was engraved in Arabic on the necklace.

She told the news agency that the reason behind giving her a necklace was to ensure that Miracle Aisha remembered the doctor who helped bring her 35,000 feet into the air. Khatib shared a photo last week as he was busy treating a patient in Toronto. In Toronto, we are facing an increase in cases of Covid-19.

She was training a local worker in Uganda, so she was on the plane. She returned to Canada on December 18 due to an increase in cases of Covid-19.

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Canadian doctors help Ugandan women fly and give birth to children

Source link Canadian doctors help Ugandan women fly and give birth to children

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