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Going forward, companies will hire graduates who are adaptable, tech-savvy and creative in problem-solving. (Photo courtesy of IE)

After Covid-19, our world is very different. The pandemic has disrupted people’s lives and the global functioning of the workplace. Returning to the status quo is difficult and almost impossible. Companies needed to shift their focus from long-term strategies to short-term strategies in order to maintain ups and downs. The business model is changing dramatically, and employees need to improve their socks and skills to avoid being affected by a temporary dismissal.

Even business schools employ technology to guarantee the future of their students. They are trained in business skills to help them grow professionally in the post-pandemic workplace. Going forward, companies will hire graduates who are adaptable, tech-savvy and creative in problem-solving.

Due to the pandemic, many companies had to withdraw their summer internship projects. In many cases, summer internships have moved to online mode. However, at the FORE School of Management, almost all students pursued an internship, despite Covid-19. Students prefer internships with large and well-established companies, but this year they chose SMEs and start-ups aimed at realizing the government’s vision of Atmanilbar Bharat. This gave them the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial and risk management skills and build creative solutions to deal with pandemics.

Skills that employers seek from future managers

In the post-Covid-19 era, companies may hire managers with soft skills. Compassion and empathy as employers have seen what the crisis can do for people mentally and how painful it can be to manage emotional employees in such times. Such skills are more in demand. Therefore, empathic leadership qualities are prioritized in the list of companies with the most sought after abilities in hiring new managers.

During the pandemic, companies that could quickly do business online thrived. Therefore, a manager who is familiar with tools and technology is required. This includes control of machines and mechanical processes. Inspection of equipment, materials, or structures. Technical device designation, drafting, layout. In the near future, corporate employers believe that automation, machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence will disrupt the industry and increase the demand for individuals with these skill sets.


Ironically, as the business world becomes more digital, recruiters recognize the importance of human touch. In the post-pandemic world, employers need leaders who are proficient in soft skills to help teams overcome stress and uncertainty, especially during times of crisis.

The author is the director of FORE School of Management in New Delhi.

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Business School: Future-Looking Students-Financial Express

Source link Business School: Future-Looking Students-Financial Express

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