Buddha statue of Donald Trump for sale in China

Chinese businessmen are selling a pensive statue of former President Donald Trump in a robe, sitting cross-legged and closing his eyes in a Zen position in a Buddha-related pose.

The statue with Trump’s hands folded on his knees and his thumbs outward is a Buddhist art pose that means meditation and contemplation, with a 74-year-old woman leaving the White House in January and more towards March. I’ve spent a lot of time. a-Lago’s hideout in Florida.

Trump Buddha statues are sold on Alibaba Group’s Chinese e-commerce platform called Taobao. The small size, 1.6 meters high, sells for RMB 999 or $ 150. While the larger size is priced at $ 3,999 or $ 610.

China’s Global Times first reports on the product and owns a statue promoting the product under the slogan “Make Your Company Great Again”, which is the slogan of Trump’s election slogan “Make America Great Again”. I talked to someone.

Chinese commercial websites are using playing cards to increase profits. Previously, Treasure Net was a variety of products, including a roll of toilet paper with Trump’s face printed on it, a toilet paper with Trump’s characteristic messy orange hair shape, and a T-shirt with his caricatures printed on it. Has been provided.

Mr. Trump has tightened China as an important part of the November 3 reelection campaign.

Buddha statue of Donald Trump for sale in China

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