BSA motorcycle relaunched with new 650cc engine

Mahindra & Mahindra Support Classic Legends reintroduces the iconic Yezdi motorcycle. Brands until the end of this year. According to a new media report, the Class Legends engineering team has also developed a 650cc engine for future BSA motorcycles. Yes, BSA Motorcycles will re-emerge as a premium motorcycle brand.

The new 650cc engine is in the process of being tested and powers premium BSA motorcycles. Someone close to development claims that the new middleweight engine will power the motorcycle planned for the BSA’s resurgence. The new engine with the BSA prototype is currently in testing. This engine complies with the Euro 5 emission standards required in Europe. Classic Legends is the first to introduce BSA motorcycles in the European market.

The report also claims that new BSA motorcycles for Europe will be manufactured in India and assembled abroad. In addition, a dedicated assembly line for premium BSA motorcycles has been set up at the Pisanpur plant. The launch schedule for the new BSA bike has not yet been announced. If all goes well, a new production-ready Avatar motorcycle could be unveiled at EICMA 2021 in Milan later this year.

Classic Legends has secured £ 4.6 million in funding from the UK Government. The company has set up a technology and design center in the UK and is looking for engineers from various disciplines. The company is also reportedly working on electric bikes under the BSA brand.

Previously reported Classic Legend will first launch a regular BSA motorcycle in 2021-22, Followed by Electric BSA in 2022. However, the COVID-19 pandemic can delay planning by several months.


BSA motorcycle relaunched with new 650cc engine

BSA motorcycle relaunched with new 650cc engine

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