Brothers quit engineering because of low salary and open teahouse

Durgapur’s engineer brother duo in West Bengal quit their job to sell tea. In contrast to the general Indian belief that engineering is one of the safest career options, the brother Duo finds it more economically and emotionally satisfying to sell tea instead. I did.

The brother duo, now known as “Engineer Chai Wara,” claims to make more money by selling chai (tea) than working as an engineer. Ironically, the teahouse is not a luxury, it’s on Route 2.

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His brother Suman Kerr had a degree in automotive engineering and worked in a car showroom, but he informed him that his salary wasn’t enough to maintain a decent lifestyle. He decided to start his own business.

He first decided to start a car spare parts business, but he didn’t have the necessary capital. At that time, he came up with the idea of ​​opening a coffee shop. His family didn’t agree with the teahouse. But he kept doing that anyway. Now the business has expanded and his younger brother has joined it.

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Sumon’s brother, Sumit Kar, took several competitive exams, including the Indian Army, after earning a degree in mechanical engineering. He is now working full time with his brother. Smit argues that small jobs are not jobs, saying: I want to work with my father to advance the business. “

Initially, Suman sold 1-1.5 liters of tea. Currently, 40 liters of tea are sold daily. Tea prices start at Rs 10 and vary depending on the size of the cup. The maximum price is 30 rupees. The brothers now want to expand their tea business throughout the state.

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People from neighboring areas such as Panagar and Bida Nagar come here for tea. Customers say that the taste of tea is a little different from other shops. “Besides, it’s very good to drink tea at Baharivale (earth clay),” the customer adds. The two brothers broke the tradition and set the goal of doing something different, like MA Pastaiwari.

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Brothers quit engineering because of low salary and open teahouse

Source link Brothers quit engineering because of low salary and open teahouse

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