Brazilian Senate leader kills Bolsonaro decree criticized by tech company

Brasilia: Brazilian Senate leader Jair Bolsonaro said on Tuesday that he would kill measures in the face of widespread opposition from high-tech giants, not considering President Jair Bolsonaro’s decree limiting the power of social networks to remove content. Stated.

Mr. Pacheco said Bolsonaro’s temporary measures, which required parliamentary approval to become law, did not comply with regulatory requirements and resulted in “significant legal uncertainty.”

Brazil’s federal judiciary investigating fake Brazilian news is trying to eliminate online clothing that critics accuse of disseminating false information, forcing major tech players such as Google’s YouTube to act. increase.

Prior to a major political rally last week, Bolsonaro signed a decree that would change Internet regulations to counter the “voluntary deletion” of accounts, profiles and content.

Cheong Wa Dae said at the time that it was a decree aimed at protecting “free speech,” but in Brazil, Google, Facebook, and Twitter all opposed it, causing a great backlash.

This decision is another setback for Bolsonaro, who has gone down in polls after overseeing the second deadly outbreak in the coronavirus pandemic world. He is tackling rising inflation and a downturn ahead of the 2022 presidential election, which questions integrity.

However, he still holds the foundation of enthusiastic supporters and can rely on the full support of a wide range of constellations in online costumes.

Last month, YouTube stopped paying content producers from 14 channels that the state’s federal election court accused of spreading fake news about next year’s elections.

Just a few days ago, election law inspectors ordered YouTube, Twitch.TV, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stop paying for people and pages disinformation about Brazil’s election system.

Bolsonaro’s own content is also targeted. In July, YouTube announced that it had removed the video from Bolsonaro’s channel for disseminating false information about the outbreak of the coronavirus. Twitter and Facebook deleted Bolsonaro’s video last year for violating the Terms of Service after Bolsonaro made an unfounded claim about the pandemic.

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Brazilian Senate leader kills Bolsonaro decree criticized by tech company

Source link Brazilian Senate leader kills Bolsonaro decree criticized by tech company

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