Brazil beat Spain to repeat Olympic men’s soccer gold medal

Yokohama: From the World Cup to the Olympics, Brazilian men have once again become champions in Yokohama, 19 years away.

Malcolm scored an additional time in the 108th minute to defend the Olympic football gold medal in the final world title scene of 2002, when Brazil beat Spain 2-1 on Saturday.

After winning the bronze medal in 2012, it is Brazil’s third consecutive Olympic soccer medal. However, the quest to emulate Spain’s 1992 gold medal continues despite the six starting members’ direct participation in the European Championships.

They were exempt from their club to come to Japan where Neymar could not be secured by Paris Saint-Germain.

Even Malcolm only joined the team late after Brazil persuaded Zenit St. Petersburg to release a 24-year-old forward in lieu of an injury.

Malcolm, who got off the bench in overtime, stepped forward over Jesús Vallejo and saw a tight-angled shot deviate from goalkeeper Unai Simon’s left boot and jump into the net.

Where in your career it is ranked to win a men’s soccer gold medal at the Olympic Games depends on the rest of the player’s medal collection.

At the age of 38, Dani Alves wanted to be the Olympic champion. Currently, the winner’s medals are in addition to the medals for winning league titles in the Copa America, Champions League, Spain, Italy and France.

Indeed, Richarlison’s arrival in Japan was considered worthwhile, despite losing to Argentina in Copa America four weeks ago.

Even FIFA has called Richarlison’s workload “insane” in its Twitter feed, highlighting 20 games within three months in four tournaments on three continents, and ending the Premier League season in Everton at the World Cup. Qualified in Brazil before Copa America.

The chance to take the lead in this final was wasted as Richarlison sent a high penalty over the crossbar in the 36th minute.

Brazil has entered half-time thanks to Mateus Santo scoring in stop-time.

Claudinho’s cross from the left side was put to good use by Alves, and a 38-year-old defender was caught in the area. When it fell, Cunha established a connection and slammed low into the net.

Richarlison was beginning to celebrate extending Brazil’s lead by seven minutes in the second half.

However, after being released by Cunha, Richarlison only beat Simon, but the bias from the goalkeeper sent a shot from underneath the crossbar, keeping him away from the dangers of Spain.

The Spaniards then tied it in the 61st minute after successfully moving the right side, which ended opposite Carlos Soler, who was volleyed by Mikel Oyarzabal.

Spain hit the crossbar twice in the second half of the regulation time from Oscar Hill and Bryan Gil. Not finding a target means that it has turned silver, just like the 2000 Olympics.

And it created a unique atmosphere in Brazil, wrapped in a flag and celebrating noisily. The only allowed fans were members of the Olympic delegation, and the spectators were excluded due to a pandemic at the stadium, about 45 minutes from Tokyo.

Brazil beat Spain to repeat Olympic men’s soccer gold medal

Source link Brazil beat Spain to repeat Olympic men’s soccer gold medal

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