BMW launches three EVs in India within the next six months

German luxury car maker BMW announced on Thursday that it will launch three electric vehicles in India within the next six months to accelerate the journey of electric vehicles in India. First, the company will launch the technology flagship All-Electric SUV iX in the next month, followed by the All-Electric MINI Luxury Hatchback in three months.

Following these, the all-electric sedan BMW i4 will be launched within 6 months.

In the midst of the biggest product attack, BMW has announced that it will launch 25 products in India this year.

“We’ve already done that, and the growth is so strong in the first 10 months that we’re getting a lot of results. We’re taking the product attack to the next level, and the whole attack is Aiming for pure electrical mobility, “Vikram Pawah, President and CEO of BMW Group India, told PTI.

“In the next 180 days, we will see BMW launch three fully electrical products in India,” he added.

In addition, Mr. Power said, “In 30 days we will launch the BMW iX, a full electric SUV. In 90 days we will launch the MINI Electric and in 180 days we will launch the first sedan electric. I4.”

From a sustainability standpoint, iX will be the flagship of the company’s technology, using either natural or recycled materials comprehensively, 100% “green power” and no rare earth metals. I said I wouldn’t use it. Zero raw materials from deep sea mining.

The iX is driven by two electric motors, one for the front axle and one for the rear axle, and can accelerate from 0-100kmph in 6.1 seconds.

“We are always committed to bringing electric vehicles to India, whatever their global products, especially in the electrical field, especially in the premium segment, I think, the latest available,” said Power. And we need the best products. “

Bullish on the positive response from Indian customers, “based on the feedback of the global launch customer, we are confident that it will be a great response,” he said.

He added that the iX has already been launched in major European and US markets this month.

BMW India ships a home charging kit with every car for your comfort. This is an 11kW AC charger with 100% capacity in about 7 hours, an additional 100km range in 2.5 hours and can be installed at home or in the office.

In addition, the company plans to install quick chargers at all touchpoints in its network of dealers in 35 cities in India.

β€œAll retailers will be equipped with a 50 kW DC quick charger and will be available to customers,” says Pawah.

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BMW launches three EVs in India within the next six months

Source link BMW launches three EVs in India within the next six months

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