bjp: BJP alternatives are decided by people, not by anyone else, says Sitaram Yechury.

CPI (M) leader Citaram Yetury said on Monday that BJP alternatives would come from people’s missions and not by anyone’s decision, and Congress’s recent central committee meeting was an option for Congress. He emphasized that he did not discuss the issue of being. Also, issues of parliamentary relations were not discussed at the meeting, he told reporters after a three-day central committee meeting, but crystallized in the past with anti-BJP focus during polls. He pointed out that multiple fronts would be formed.

On the second day of the Central Committee meeting, Prime Minister David Villa of Kerala categorically stated that the Parliamentary Party would not replace the BJP, sources said.

Mr. Yetury emphasized how the Janata Party emerged as an alternative to parliament after an emergency and the UPA was formed after the defeat of Atalbi Harley Vajpai, and alternatives were always discovered by the Indian people. He said he had come.

“No decision has been made on this issue (relationship with Congress) and Congress as a national alternative to the BJP has not been discussed.

“But if there is an alternative to the BJP, it will manifest itself as a decision made by the people of the country, not anyone else. Whenever people face such a situation, they I found an alternative myself, “said CPI (M) General Secretary Citalam Yetury.

CPI (M) leaders said all the front lines formed in the last few elections focused on anti-BJP and embodied their strong opposition to the Saffron Party.

“Before every election, there are the Third Front, the Fourth Front, and multiple fronts. These are part of the national flow in Indian politics, but are embodied with a focus on anti-BJP. “He said.

At the BJP government’s celebration of the 10 billion rupee Covid vaccination milestone, Yechury ran into a ministerial statement linking excise taxes on petroleum products with free vaccination.

“Ministers have irrationally argued that the central excise tax hike on petroleum products is funding free vaccinations. This is ridiculous. People are paying exorbitant prices. Then vaccination is not free.

“What happened to the budget allocation of Rs 35,000 for vaccination? Where did all the money go?” He posed.

He claimed that the Narendra Modi administration was organizing a celebration to administer a rupee 10 billion vaccine to “distract” people’s attention and “conceal a serious mishandling of the pandemic.” ..

“Although there is a delay, it (a milestone of 10 billion rupees) is commendable. It should be noted that only 21 percent of our population is fully vaccinated,” Yetury said. Requested withdrawal.

The CPI (M) General Secretary also called for a caste-based census as part of the 2021 demographic survey.

“The central committee reiterated the party’s request to carry out a caste census along with the 2021 census. The central government will take the necessary steps to ensure that Congress conducts such a census. We have to make sure that, “he said.

bjp: BJP alternatives are decided by people, not by anyone else, says Sitaram Yechury.

Source link bjp: BJP alternatives are decided by people, not by anyone else, says Sitaram Yechury.

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