BJP attacks Congress over Gupkar Alliance, targeting Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Monday’s BJP said it was a rival party in Jammu and Kashmir that its position on many issues, including Article 370’s request for recovery, was the same as that of a country like Pakistan.

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra has targeted Congress in partnership with the National Assembly and the Bharatiya Janata Party, while also meeting leader Rahul Gandhi on comments from former U.S. President Barack Obama to RJD leader Shivan and Tiwari and Congress. .. ‘Capil Cival.

“When Mr. Obama met him (Rafuru) in 4-5 days, it was clear that those who interacted with him almost every day would have understood what he was,” Patra told reporters. It was.

Parliamentary leaders praised him with a burden of “100 tonnes of stone” on his chest, but he said he was now choked.

“The BJP has long said that. Now, congressional friends like Sivanand Tiwali say he is the default picnic president,” Patra said.

Tiwali questioned Congress’s campaign on Sunday and swiped Gandhi because he didn’t spend too much time on elections in the state.

Cibal is part of a group of parliamentary leaders who have called for a review of the party’s organization.

Targeting the Jammu and Kashmir party’s alliance known as the “Gupkar Alliance,” a BJP spokesman said it was aimed at opposition to the enforcement of legislation officially passed by the Indian Parliament. It was expressed as “holy.”

“This Gupkar alliance wants exactly what Pakistan and anti-Indian countries want. Pakistan goes to all forums and opposes the removal of Article 370. The Gupkar alliance says the same thing. “There is,” said Patra.

The BJP said it would like to ask Sonia Gandhi and President Rahul Gandhi if they would support comments from the leaders of the Gupkar Alliance, and NC President Farouk Abdullah talked about China’s support for Article 370 and the PDP. Mehbooba Mufti said she wouldn’t raise the Indian flag unless the Kashmir flag was resurrected.

He said these parties were tense as the Union Territory’s local polls aimed to bring development to the grassroots.

BJP attacks Congress over Gupkar Alliance, targeting Rahul Gandhi

Source link BJP attacks Congress over Gupkar Alliance, targeting Rahul Gandhi

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