Biography of work choreographer Saroj Khan: Report

According to a new report, a biography of the life of choreographer and dance maestro Saroj Khan is in the works. Kahn died last year at the age of 71 suffering from cardiac arrest.

According to a Times of India report, a newspaper announcement by Naik & Naik revealed that their clients would create a biography in Khan. The film reportedly focuses on her struggles and important events in her life. The report also states: In all cases, you must publish it in writing and provide documentation within 15 days of notification. “

In his over 40 years of career, Kahn is famous for his choreography of over 2,000 songs. Kahn became famous in the late 80’s and choreographed Sridevi super hits such as Main Naagin Tu Sapera and Hawaa Hawaai. The three National Award winners featured some of the most striking tracks, including Dave Darth’s Doraredra from San Gyrie Ravansari, Ekdoteen from Maduri Dikut’s Starler Tethered, and Jab Weemett’s Yeishkuhai in 2007. I choreographed it.

Her recent work includes choreography of Kanganara Nout in Manikarnika in 2019 and Tanuweds Manu Returns in 2015.

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Biography of work choreographer Saroj Khan: Report

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