Biden Eyes defeats key managerial candidate

Des Moines, Iowa: In politics, losing can be beneficial.

Presidential election Joe Biden has turned several Democrats who lost in the parliamentary reelection race last month to an important position in his administration. They include Abby Finkenauer of Iowa, Donna Shalala of Florida, and Senator Doug Jones of Alabama.

Their thoughts continue the long Washington tradition of defeated politicians seeking shelter in the new White House. Employment in the new administration will allow defeated candidates to be placed in future campaigns and provide the president-elect with an important relationship at Capitol Hill.

Andrew Card, who directed the transition of George W. Bush and later headed the Republican Presidential Staff, said it was good for some to know how to roam the parliamentary halls.

Biden’s transition team declined to comment on the prospects for individual candidates for management. He has already announced many of his economic and national security teams and will soon announce candidates for key health positions.

However, he still needs to hold many major cabinet positions, including the Attorney General and leaders in the labor, commercial and transportation sectors. When Biden considers his options, his personal connection with some of the defeated lawmakers can be significant.

Finke Nauer, who is being considered as Secretary of Labor, began politics, thanks in part to Biden. As a college student, she tackled his unlucky 2008 presidential election. Ten years later, he found a rally for her victorious parliamentary campaign. She was Biden’s key agent before the Iowa Caucus.

I know they have a long relationship, and it was mutually supportive, said former assistant Mayor of Dubuque Teri Goodman.

Finke Nauer lost a second bid in the countryside of northeastern Iowa. But since then, a former state legislature named to promote the civil servant union has talked with Biden’s senior transition authorities about leading the Ministry of Labor, according to Democratic sources familiar with communications.

Meanwhile, Jones mixes to lead the Justice Department for his work as a U.S. lawyer who helped convict Ku Klux Klansmen in a bombing of the Birmingham Church that killed four black girls. It has been.

He won the Alabama Senate special election slightly in 2017, but lost the reelection last month. He also has a long-standing personal relationship with Biden, which dates back to Biden’s first presidential election in 1988.

Biden talked about Jones at the 2017 Jones campaign kick-off. He knew your heart and never disappointed you, and he first called him on November 3rd after losing his seat in Republican Tommy Tabelville.

Sharala is probably the most administratively ready of the democratic classes defeated in 2020. She won the South Florida House seat in 2018 after spending eight years as Secretary of Health and Welfare under Bill Clinton and then President of the University of Miami. She was contacted by Biden’s transition authorities.

In addition to the House of Representatives, Biden is considering his previous rivals in the Democratic primary for work. He has already nominated California Senator Kamala Harris as Vice President.

Biden is considering the role of Pete Butigeg, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who launched a surprisingly powerful campaign early in the Democratic primary. Biden expressed his deep affection for Butigeg, one of the first major candidates to drop out of the race and support Biden.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock, who lost his Senate bid after leaving the White House race, is probably part of a debate about the role of the Biden administration as Secretary of Agriculture. Another name under consideration in agriculture is Heidi Heitkamp, ​​a former North Dakota Senator who was defeated in 2018 but was the champion of revitalization of rural areas in the United States.

Heightcamp recently told The Associated Press.

The president has often sought to lose his position rivals. Republican Donald Trump has chosen 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy and Ben Carson for housing and urban development. Democrat Barack Obama has elected former rival Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State after the 2008 election.

The 2000 defeat of Missouri Senator John Ashcroft paved the way for four years as Secretary of Justice under George W. Bush, including the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the United States in 2001.

South Dakota Senate leader Tom Daschle, who lost the third election in 2004, was at the forefront of the healthcare debate after Obama was appointed head of health and welfare services after the 2008 election. It was. Dashur withdrew from consideration after being asked about proper income tax reporting and payment failures.

The most successful parliamentary defeat in the last 50 years was George HW Bush, who lost a bid to the Senate in 1970 against Democrat Lloyd Bentsen as a second Republican member of the House of Representatives from Texas.

As a comfort, President Richard Nixon chose Bush as the UN ambassador. This was disappointing for up-and-coming people who wanted a Treasury job. However, the experience was valuable when he realized that this post led to an ambassador to China and that he would lead a global coalition in the Desert Storm Operation as President.

Importantly, it was the beginning of his self-education and diplomatic expertise, said Chase Untermeyer, director of White House staff during the George HW Bush administration.

At the White House, headed by Capitol Hill veterans like Biden, Biden is familiar with the rules and many members, so a team with a parliamentary background is especially valuable to those around the president.

But given that Biden hasn’t been a senator for nearly a dozen years, Card said people with more recent experience in Congress would be helpful.

According to Card, these people can not only help the president, but also the staff who handle White House lawmakers. They know where Congressional Jim is and how to be invited to Congressional luncheons. And that’s an advantage.

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Associated Press writer Kim Chandler of Montgomery, Alabama contributed to this report.

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Biden Eyes defeats key managerial candidate

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