Biden believes the United States will be close to normal by the end of this year

President Joe Biden said he believes the United States will be close to normal by the end of this year as the United States is competing to provide the coronavirus vaccine to millions of Americans.

Biden toured the manufacturing facility on Friday

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, as his administration seeks ways to increase supply and streamline distribution, it seeks to emphasize its efforts to mass-produce coronavirus vaccines.

“By the end of this year, we believe we’ll be close to normal, and God is happy, this Christmas will be different from last year,” Biden said in a question on the Michigan site. ..

At the same time, he refused to make any promises.

“I can’t make that promise to you. There are other strains of the virus. We don’t know what can happen with respect to production rates. The situation can change. But we have science We’re doing everything we’ve shown to be, and people are stepping up to accomplish everything they have to do. ”

Biden said getting the vaccine and making it available is not the same as putting it in someone’s arm. This will be a continuous rolling task.

“By the end of July, we have ordered more than 600 million doses and many will be distributed. July 29 is the scheduled date. It is subject to change. For example, what is happening in the current weather Look at it. It’s slowing down. It’s a distribution for now. ”

The White House said Friday that harsh winter weather struck much of the United States this week, delaying the distribution of six million doses of vaccine.

“I can’t give you when this crisis will end, but I can tell you that we’re doing everything we can to make the day come earlier than it’s late,” he says. It was. He said this administration would be guided by science to save lives and make lives better.

Biden bracketed that finding a cure for Americans wasn’t enough. It is not possible to build walls or fences high enough to prevent a pandemic, so there is a need for a cure that allows the world to participate.

“Just four weeks ago, America had no real plans to vaccinate most of the country. My predecessor, as my mother says, says,” God loves him. ” In addition, he could not order enough vaccines and failed to fire and set up a vaccine center. That changed the moment we took office, “he said.

Mr Biden advertised that the country’s vaccination rate has risen to about 1.7 million per day, well above the president’s target of 100 million in 100 days.

Biden said in the “first 100 days” before I took office, “manage 100 million shots in the first 100 days.”

At the Pfizer plant in Michigan, he met with lab workers and learned about the process behind creating one of the two COVID-19 vaccines widely used nationwide to inoculate Americans. ..

According to Johns Hopkins followers, the United States, the most affected country of the pandemic, has reported 28,004,311 cases and more than 495,000 deaths.

Biden believes the United States will be close to normal by the end of this year

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