Biden approaches 80 million votes with historic victory

As the Democratic fortress continues to count votes and turnout was recorded in the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election is approaching a record 80 million votes.

Biden has already set a record for the highest number of votes for a winning presidential candidate, and President Donald Trump has also set a record for the highest number of votes for a defeated candidate. With more than 155 million votes counted, California and New York still counted, with 65% of all voters, the highest since 1908, according to data from the Associated Press and the US Election Project.

To escalate his false claim that Trump actually won the election, and to intensify and potentially nullify the difficult court struggle for his campaign and supporters to suspend or delay the recognition of results. Biden’s tally and his popularity poll lead nearly 6 million votes by Americans.

Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian at Rice University, said Donald Trump was only noisy because he was a bull carrying his own porcelain store. When the noise subsided, it was clear that Biden had a very compelling victory.

Biden currently has the leader of the 290-232 Electoral College. However, this does not include Georgian electors. In Georgia, Biden leads Trump by 0.3 percent as authorities carry out hand tally. The Associated Press didn’t call the race, but if Biden’s lead was held, he would beat the Electoral College with 306-232 votes, earning the same margin that Trump had won in 2016. At that time, Trump described it as a landslide.

Trump sealed the victory with 77,000 votes in three fierce battle states, but Biden’s margin narrowed slightly to about 45,000 votes in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin.

But that slim victory remains decisive by election law standards, said Rick Hasen, a professor and voting expert at Irvine University.

Biden’s margins in states like Arizona and Wisconsin appear to be small between 12,000 and 20,000 votes, but these races aren’t narrow enough to be considered likely to recount or turn over proceedings. Recounting usually shifts the total number of votes by just a few hundred votes. In 2000, the Florida recount and the White House court battle were prompted by a margin of 537 votes.

If the scene says it’s close enough to what we call the proceedings, it’s not within the proceedings, Hasen said.

Timothy Naftari, presidential historian at New York University, compared Biden’s popularity poll and electoral college margins with the margins of all winners of the presidential elections since 1960. His discovery: Biden’s victory was tighter in the middle than a landslide like Barak. Obama’s 2008 victory or Ronald Reagan’s 1984 wipeout reelection. However, it’s wider than either Trump’s 2016 win or George W. Bush’s two wins.

The closest analogy was Obama’s reelection, where he won with virtually the same margin as Biden currently has.

Did everyone think 2012 was a narrow victory? No, “said Naphtali.

Nevertheless, Trump and his allies continue to seek to suspend election certification in a long-term attempt to deny the ability of electors in favor of Biden to sit down. These efforts are very unlikely to succeed, but when two Republicans on the Michigan’s largest county campaign committee succeeded in blocking proof of voting on Tuesday night, they We have reached a new pitch this week. They allowed the certification to proceed after the protest, showing how deeply Trump’s unfounded mass fraud allegations had penetrated.

In fact, Professor Michael McDonald of the University of Florida, who tracks the number of votes cast in the US election project, argues that Biden’s relatively narrow victory in the fierce battle state tells a different story than what the president is pushing. did.

Democrats are concerned that the gap between popularity polls and electoral college aggregation is widening as Democratic voters gather outside the coast and fierce battle states. Its dynamics can make it difficult for Democrats to win parliamentary races and create a lasting disadvantage when it comes to advancing policy.

According to McDonald’s, anything in the data here reveals how the system is stacked for the Democratic Party, not for Trump.

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Biden approaches 80 million votes with historic victory

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