Best ideas for outdoor dating in 2021

Outdoor dating is one of the best ways to chill out in a relaxed atmosphere while having fun. If you find going to the movies boring and sitting at home feels a little stale, an outdoor adventure sure brings some novelty into your life.

It might be easy to date in an open-air atmosphere, but you’ll also need some knowledge of your partner to hit the spot. During an active live chat with singles, we managed to convey a survey and find out what outdoor dates they find attractive. Here are some of the most memorable mentions:


While this variant is a go-to date for most lovey-doves, the majority of couples selected this option as their perfect first romantic getaway. Why? Because a picnic is highly variable. You can choose a beach picnic at the sunset by the sea or eat toast and jam under a tree. Nighttime picnics are great for a more intimate atmosphere. Plus, it is low-cost and easy to prepare for. You don’t need anything besides snacks, a plaid, some booze or apple juice, and a good mood.

Tent-astic getaway

Feeling adventurous? Then, going to the mountains or woods might be for you. There is something mystic and unforgettable about hiking with your significant other and sleeping in tents. Also, it’s easy to incorporate natural food and guitar skills into the evening, making the atmosphere as authentic as possible.


If you are not a big fan of emotional rollercoasters with your partner, the next choice would be attending an amusement park to feel the thrill. Rollercoasters, spinning wheels, cotton candy, and panic rooms are a safe way of amping up your adrenaline and dopamine levels. A good scare and a delicious snack afterward bring dates even closer.


Foodies love visiting the fairs because eating street food and hugging should be two basic human rights. The atmosphere of a street fair is much more relaxed than that of a restaurant. Besides, here, you don’t have to think about posture and the smell of garlic.

Drive-in movie theaters

Even if you are not a fan of classics and 50s pastimes, it’s a cool way to watch a movie with your better half without feeling claustrophobic and listening to annoying movie comments from this guy on the left. Drive-in movie theatres give a sense of freedom and youth for no reason, so you should use this feeling for your benefit.

Laid-back barbecue for two

If you don’t like to travel a long distance, opt for a staycation instead. Prepare a meal and sit in the backyard or on the patio together. Talk and enjoy some wine. Again, you don’t need to go somewhere to feel great together.

Go on a walk to a park

Yes, it’s a low-maintenance way of going hiking, but who is to blame you? If no one wants to plan a date, why not enjoying a long walk with an ice-cream break? These walks can be very romantic if you are with the right person.

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