Bengaluru FC defeats Kera Blasters 2-0 to start campaign

Former ISL Champion Bengaluru FC (BFC) defeats Kera Lovelasters 2-0 in all dramatic ISL clashes at Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (VYBK) in Kolkata on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 And started the campaign in a great way. The southernmost side of India eventually ended up in the field with eight men.

Namgal Butia and Leon Augustine turned out to be the heroes who scored for the coaches of Nowshad Musa.

The Kera Blasters started the game well and dominated the first half of the first half. They created quite a few opportunities, but could not be converted. In the 33rd minute, when Lara successfully saved Sleekuttan’s brilliant shot, they had their first real chance to reach the goal.

Again in the 38th minute, Luna scored most of the goal thanks to a free kick, but BFC keeper Lara came back to the rescue.

However, in the 45th minute BFC’s Namgyal Bhutia fired a spectacular free kick and Blasters keeper Albino Gomes missed a chance at all, breaking the deadlock.

From there everything went downhill. The Kera Blasters blew madness into the ground and issued as many as three red cards in the second half.

RV Hormipam went first, followed by Sandeep Singh in the 64th minute, after which Yendrembam Denechandram Meitei received the march order.

In the 71st minute, Leon Augustine scored BFC’s second goal. Herman Preet’s stunning cross was expected by him and entered after albino failed the first gathering.

Lara was judged Man of the Match due to his outstanding efforts under the BFC bar.

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Bengaluru FC defeats Kera Blasters 2-0 to start campaign

Source link Bengaluru FC defeats Kera Blasters 2-0 to start campaign

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