Before he announces a political party, see Rajinikanth’s proximity to the political world

Superstar Rajinikanth has finally ended his suspense on the launch of his own political party at a major unveiling ceremony in January 2021. Rajinikanth was born in Shivajila Ogequad and began working as a bus conductor for three years before entering drama school.

More than 24 years after the film first approached the world of politics, Rajinikanth announced this blockbuster prior to the Tamil Nadu parliamentary elections.

In 1996, Radinicans’ famous statement that “even God cannot save Tamil Nadu if Jayara Ritter returns to power” was made that year after the parliament led by former Prime Minister PV Narashinha Lao was coordinated. The state elections led to the end of AIAD MK. With the party of Jayara Rita.

In 1998, he also assisted the late parliamentary leader GK Moupanar, who set up his party in Tamil Nadu.

It is believed in certain circles that the difference between Narashinha Lao and Rajinikanth prevented them from entering the active politics of the year. However, as he unveiled a plan for the “People’s Movement” on the Carvili issue in 2002, the “Tairiva” is not a retreat.

Two years later, Rajinikanth cast his weight behind the BJP-AIADMK alliance, although his opinion about Jayara Ritter had not changed. Once again, an army of his fans wanted superstars to finally enter politics when Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew to Chennai prior to the 2014 general election, but Rajnikant met. He shattered hope, claiming that there was nothing “political” about.

But three years later, when Rajinikanth announced that he would definitely join politics on December 31, 2017, the final day of 2017, and fight the 2021 parliamentary elections, music finally came to the ears of fans. ..

In March 2020, Rajinikanth announced three strategies for alternative models of politics. The point of his plan is to appoint a young, visionary and knowledgeable person who is a separate party from the government by forming a council to oversee the functioning of the government, and post thousands of parties. Encourage young people to attend the party, which was to prevent them from running for the prime minister’s race by abolishing it.

Rajinikanth, already 69 years old, has been an icon of Indian films since 1975, with more than 175 films, mainly in Tamil and Telugu. His entry into TN politics will be an effort to fill the void left by the deaths of Jayaram Jayaram and the leader of the opposition Dravida Munnetra Kazagam (DMK) party, Mutubel Karnanidi.

Cinema has also had a major impact on TN politics, along with CN Anadurai and M. Karunanidii, who graduated from screenwriters and became prime ministers. The superstar entry will be great news for the BJP, who wants to build a solid foothold in the state by 2026 with the support of Rajinikanth.

“I will come and change everything in Tamil Nadu,” as Thailaiva announced Thursday. Change is inevitable now!

Before he announces a political party, see Rajinikanth’s proximity to the political world

Source link Before he announces a political party, see Rajinikanth’s proximity to the political world

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