Become a Data Scientist in India with these Online Courses.

With the fame of Data Science filling dramatically in the business world, there is a tremendous interest for abilities in Data Science and related fields like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This has prompted a significant hole in the capabilities that newly graduated have and the overarching request in the business. This, in turn, has led to the spreading of educational institutions offering various data science courses online and programs in Data Science and related fields. In this article, we will list down a portion of the top Data Science courses, which have gained popularity by offering quality training in the field of Data Science.

Various Data Science Courses Available:

  1. PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

In this, they offer 2 courses of 9 and 11 months of duration. This is an online program with Live Virtual Classes presented by The University of Texas at Austin and Great Learning in a joint effort.

  1. PG Program in Data Science and Engineering

This is a 5-month classroom-based data science program for young professionals with placement assistance.

  1. M.Tech in Data Science and Machine Learning.

This is a 2 years classroom-based program with weekend Classes presented by PES University in a joint effort with Great Learning.

  1. MS in Data Science Programme

This is an 18-month online program with weekend Classes presented from Northwestern University.

  1. Practical Decision Making using Data Science

This is a 6-month online program presented by the National University of Singapore in a joint effort with Great Learning. This program empowers mid to senior directors who have a solid comprehension of their individual areas and wish to learn examination to help their dynamic abilities.

  1. M.Tech in Data Engineering

This is a weekend classroom-oriented master’s degree program for working professionals in collaboration with SRM University.

  1. PGP: Data Science and Engineering (Specialization in Data Engineering)

This is a 6-month online program presented by Great Lakes Executive Learning. Intended for early-vocation experts, the program empowers members to acquire an inside and out comprehension of data designing tools and procedures to assist them with becoming industry-prepared.

The comprehensiveness of course content:

The course offers complete preparation to new alumni and those from non-programming foundations too. The course is both reasonable and involves preparing through more than ten activities and labs.


Assignments at GreatLearning are a mix of Formative and Summative evaluations. Developmental assignments led all through the program at customary spans. Conversely, summative assignments are done toward the finish of the program to decide whether the understudy has accomplished the learning objective.

Preparing medium: 

Live web-based educators drove classes.

Industry collaboration:

Great Learning has collaborated with IIIT Hyderabad, offering both professional backing and graduated class status to finish the course. They likewise offer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses in a joint effort with UT Austin’s McCombs School of Business.


Great Learning provides the best data analysis courses in India.  For almost a decade, it has been in the ed-tech industry that offers top-rated programs to fresh graduates and those with work experience on the basis of their current skill levels. Check out the online data analysis course to gear up for learning data science and kick start a career. The significant thing is to keep yourself persuaded through your learning period to receive the best rewards from any course you join.

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