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Mumbai: BeatO, a leading digital health ecosystem for chronic disease management, has announced the acquisition of Pune-based Novique Health for a private amount. BeatO offers a full-stack solution for diabetes management, along with Novique, a science-backed diabetes reversal program.

Through this acquisition, BeatO will enhance its diabetes-fighting services through clinically proven diabetes management, mitigation, and reversal by addressing the root causes of diabetes.

Founded in 2016, Novique Health is an online specialty medical clinic focused on scientific approaches to the treatment and recovery of type 2 diabetes. Novique uses a unique approach to member-oriented psychographic segmentation and intensive behavioral change coaching to coordinate clinical protocols that help patients improve their medical outcomes. Novique’s differentiated clinical program helps patients improve their diabetes by addressing the underlying causes of the condition (insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerance) as well as the symptoms of the disease (hyperglycemia). .. Segmentation methods help improve personal compliance and outcomes by coordinating the involvement and intensity of health guidance and physician consultation. All coaches are trained by psychologists to help members grow from small changes to sustainable long-term healthy behavior.

Novique found that 60% of members of the 10-week program reduced HbA1c to the normal range, 100% of insulin members reduced or eliminated insulin use, and 67% were clinically significant above 7%. Weight indicating that weight loss has been achieved.

Gautam Chopra, Founder and CEO of BeatO, said of the acquisition: The acquisition of Novique will further strengthen BeatO’s clinical program by leveraging its expertise and scientific approach to improving type 2 diabetes. “

In India alone, about 77 million people have diabetes, with an estimated prevalence of prediabetes in 14% of the population. Each person with diabetes has different needs based on the severity of the condition, financial factors, and the level of patient awareness and motivation. The need to have personalized solutions and personalized care is essential to producing improved health results. BeatO’s acquisition of Novique enables millions of people with pre-diabetes, newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, or predisposition to diabetes to reverse their condition and lead a healthier life Will be.

Novique founder Rahul Rosha holds senior positions at Blue Cross, Northwell Health and Booz Allen and brings over 20 years of extensive medical experience through his work at Virta Health, a leading diabetes reversal company in the United States. .. Rahul joins BeatO’s leadership team to drive a results-based diabetes mitigation and recovery program.

Rahul Rosha, Founder and Managing Director of Novique Health, said: We have found a perfect match between customer centricity and the promotion of evidence-based improvement in customer health outcomes. We are pleased to be able to build a number of innovative services that will be introduced in the coming months. “

BeatO’s revenue surged 600% last year, with a total annual revenue of 70 rupees. In July, BeatO raised US $ 5.7 million, led by W Health Ventures. The funds will be used to expand the subscriber base across multiple channels and regions, and to enhance our products to provide care for other cardiac metabolic conditions.

We currently have 650,000 registered members, 300,000 of whom are paid members serving in 3,000 cities in India.

BeatO Acquired Novique to Provide Science-Driven Diabetes Reversal – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

Source link BeatO Acquired Novique to Provide Science-Driven Diabetes Reversal – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

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