Balksee: Ugly high-heeled sneakers are back in a new design for $ 770

One day, about 10 years ago, French designer Isabel Marant realized he was on the roadside, claiming a way out of the quote by blowing a red light.

“I was pretty upset because it was really hidden in a big truck,” Malang said.

She was pulled by two officers, one male and one female. He returned to the police car. She started getting information about Malang.

“Then she looked at me and said,’Woman in sneakers, Isabel Marant?'” Marant recalled being amused when the $ 600 shoes shook by the traffic police. I did.

After all, the ticket wasn’t issued: Malang drove off Scott Free. In fact, the sneaker in question has proven to have stopped traffic at some level. Named Beckett, this style is a high-top with an exaggerated puffy tongue. The velcro strap hides the 3-inch wedge heel with its definitive and ultimately divisive design details.

Yes, high-heeled sneakers — genius, heinous, anathema, concepts that are considered very wrong-it’s right, and very very, very wrong.

“It was like a lightning strike,” said Sasha Charnin Morrison, style director at CBS Watch. “I was very absorbed in this ugliness.”

She wasn’t alone. Becketts were everywhere. It was a street-style shot of Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Joan Smalls, and Leandra Medine, who has the influence of an influential era. Beyonce wore a pair of black suede in the 2011 “Love on Top” video. The sneakers were sold out everywhere and we created a 6-month waiting list.

New York Times

Beckett, the original Isabel Marant wedge sneaker.

I remember Charnin Morrison, then fashion director at Us Weekly, sent a desperate email to Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter at the time. “I said:’I know Beyonce wears sneakers only once. I don’t even know her size, but when she’s done using them, you have to send them to me. Alas, Charnin Morrison endured waiting for her pair of gold beyoncés.

Like Juicy Couture’s tracksuits, low-rise jeans, and Uggs, orthopedic-looking wedge sneakers were designed so that you wouldn’t profess or immerse yourself in timeless love. It transcended fashion and became a culture. It was a symbol of the moment when social media took over our lives and millennials took over the story.

The shoes were so much love / hate, Medine said, because their aesthetic, monetary and social value were all in the eyes of consumers.

“We judged each other’s values ​​accordingly, and that caused a solid defense from both sides, right? Critics hate them more, and the strongest of the admirers just hate them. I wanted more, “she said.

Beckett’s ubiquity has outstripped the reputation that Maran has built as an independent and unpretentious provider of chaotic tomboys / bohemians in Paris since it started its business in 1994. The sneakers put the brand on the world map. When it was introduced, Isabel Marant expanded to the United States with just a single store in New York. The current number has been reduced to 60 stores worldwide.

Beckett was unsightly as it produced a million cheap knockoffs, so Malang blamed her own design, even though she continued to fill her earnings.

“I don’t want to be a wedge sneaker designer because they’re so vulgar,” she told The Cut in 2014.

However, Maran’s dislike of famous sneakers seems to be mellow. A new, more powerful version of her original wedge sneaker was announced on Tuesday, ten years after its first launch.

Balksee is a type of soup-filled becket with a sturdy sole that adds about 2 inches to the height of the original wedge, which Malang describes as a Lego color (red, yellow, green, black, white). ) Is provided. A mural of the campaign starring Aduto Aketch will be screened in Soho on June 21st.

Like the heel, the price is also tougher. Balksee sells for $ 770.

The new Balksee has five new colors.New York Times

The new Balksee has five new colors.

Do you have legs?

I love to stretch Maran’s legs because when I was a teenager, I inspired her to put a little cork on the soles of her sneakers.

“I also love that this very thick sneaker makes the legs very small from the very heavy ones,” she said. “A pair of bare feet and a frilled skirt or shorts, it’s always nice.”

So she articulates the look of dressed-up or dressed-down designer sneakers that have dominated modern fashion for the past few years.

“When she launched Beckett, Isabel was taking full advantage of the runway’s street culture before it became a trend,” said Rupal Patel, fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, which has a bulk sea that can be pre-ordered online. Said. “Bridge the idea of ​​putting a basketball high top on a wedge to make it sexy, cool and casual was a revolution in fashion 10 years ago.”

Maran, along with Balksee, is regaining its stake in the thick, ugly sneaker culture that has swept many designer collaborations with athletic shoe brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and Easy.

“I was always thinking,’It’s so stupid that I couldn’t remake the becket,'” Maran said. “Last year, I suddenly realized that just changing the sole would bring me to another world. I did. ”

Are there two lightning strikes? Maran has shown her instinct for timing in the past.

“Everyone is really in this cozy situation,” she said of months of COVID containment. “They aren’t shoes with pointed heels that you can wear right away. You might go dancing, but then it’s better to keep your sneakers in your bag.”

Charnin Morrison has a different take for now.

“Of course, there’s a whole new audience, so it’ll have legs,” she said. “Everyone who buys it now doesn’t remember the original.”

Talking T-shirts: Fashion as a political tool is always about optics, subliminal clues …

Wear and say

Anyone who says fashion is not political is unaware of the length of the red bond of former President Donald Trump, or thinks that the appearance of sneakers in the suit of US Vice President Kamala Harris is a coincidence. I will.

From suffragette whites and Keffiyeh as symbols of Palestinian self-determination to Choi berets and Time’s Up bracelets, fashion as a political tool has always been about optics, subliminal cues and nuances. But it is never hidden. In fact, it’s all about wearing your ideology on your sleeves. And there’s no place where this is as obvious as the slogan T-shirt. This is an incredibly visible vehicle that people use to express their opinions and support their movements. All protests and social movements have spawned talking T-shirts.

This is the short history of tea to talk about.

Balksee: Ugly high-heeled sneakers are back in a new design for $ 770

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