Bajaj Finance hits 52-week high: After this move, stocks will rise nearly 8% to become Nifty’s TOP GAINER-more

Bajaj Finance’s share price soared to a new high in yesterday’s trading session. Bajaj Finance’s share price rose 412 rupees or 7.3% to close at 6086.4 rupees. The stock price of Bajaj Finance became LIFE HIGHS of Rs6115 on Thursday, June 10th. The market capitalization of Bajaj Finance is currently Rs3.67 lkcr. Bajaj Finance’s 52-week low is Rs 2199. BofA Securities is bullish on this huge NBFC and is confident in the company’s future growth prospects.

BofA Securities hosted Rajeev Jain, MD and Bajaj Finance for investor appeal. Most of the investor questions focused on the elaborate “business transformation” projects of Bajaj Finance. The project will undergo significant optimization for the rest of 2009 and will be operational by early October 2009.

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With the technology platform, Bajaj Finance can achieve two goals:

(I) Improve customer engagement, reduce customer friction and gain a larger share of wallet for 26.9 million cross-selling customers – 33% of the app ecosystem aims to improve service
(Ii) Target more than 90 million prospects with high approval rates (80% or more) while reducing costs by introducing non-linearity between revenue and operating costs

In addition, we will significantly enhance the capabilities of Bajaj Finance, which offers hyper-local offers along with an integrated reward management system (including vouchers), enabling Bajaj Finance to gain a higher sales share of more than 110,000 merchant partners. BofA Securities understands that the new technology platform requires a single app sign-in to access Bajaj Pay, five marketplace apps, and 28-30 affinity apps. BofA Securities believes that the technology platform will further accelerate BAF’s growth trajectory and market share with strong positive operating leverage. Repeat the purchase valuation of Bajaj Finance with a price target of Rs 6290.

Bajaj Finance The effects of the worst blockade. Strong recovery in June:

Bajaj Finance has repeatedly stated that the economic impact of COVID 2.0 is much milder than in the first wave and that Bajaj Finance remains open to business in all categories. In May 2009, the volume was completely affected by the local blockade, and the trading volume dropped to 40-60% of the planned level, but the recovery in early June 2009 (especially the frequent B2B business) was strong. , Bajaj Finance will be fully normalized by early July, 75-80% of the March 2009 level after June 14, 2009. Bajaj Finance also said that the incremental credit cost guidance of Rs 11-13 billion in 2010 was mainly due to the increased stress of the 2W / 3W portfolio, and the credit performance of the Flexi portfolio is consistent with other portfolios. Was repeated.

Bajaj Finance Company Description:

Founded in 1987, Bajaj Finance, part of the Bajaj Group, is India’s largest non-bank financial company. AUM in FY2008 was 147.2 billion rupees, customer base was 42 million rupees, BAF was consumer loans (2W / 3W, durable consumer goods, digital products, lifestyle products, personal loans), SME loans (working capital loans), We offer commercial loans and rural areas. Loans (durable consumer goods, digital products, personal and gold loans) and mortgage loans. Mainly intended for individuals and small businesses.

Bajaj Finance hits 52-week high: After this move, stocks will rise nearly 8% to become Nifty's TOP GAINER-more

Source link Bajaj Finance hits 52-week high: After this move, stocks will rise nearly 8% to become Nifty's TOP GAINER-more

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