Bajaj February 2021 Sale-Platina, Pulsar, CT100, Avenger, Dominal

New Bajaj Pulsar

Total motorcycle sales last month were Rs 332,000, up 7% from Rs 31,000 sold on February 20th.

Bajaj Auto Limited announced last month’s sales. The company continued to experience single-digit growth in February 2021, as seen on January 21st.

Bajaj reported 6% growth in total sales of 3,75,017 units, compared to 3,54,913 units in the same month last year. Motorcycle sales were up 7% to 3,32,563 units, up 7% from 3,10,222 units on February 20, and domestic sales were flat at 1,48,934 units, up 1%.

Motorcycle exports increased 12% last month to 1,83,629 units, compared to 1,63,346 units exported on February 20. Bajaj Auto pays close attention to expanding the range of pulsars. The new pulsar is ready for launch and is being actively tested with a launch date later this year.

Commercial vehicle sales

Commercial vehicle sales on February 21 fell 5% from 44,691 on February 20 to 42,454. In this case as well, domestic sales fell 27% from 21,871 units on February 20, to 15,877 units. On the other hand, exports increased 16% from 22,820 units in the same month of the previous year to 26,577 units.

Bajaj sale February 2021
Bajaj sale February 2021

The company continues to face supply chain problems, suffering both domestic sales and export losses. As Rajiv Bajaj, MD and Bajaj Auto mentioned, growth would have been much greater if Bosch had not been short on semiconductor and ABS components.

Total motorcycle and commercial vehicle sales increased 6% on February 21 to 3,75,017 units, with domestic sales declining but exports were stronger. Domestic sales decreased 2% from 1,68,747 units on February 21, to 1,64,811 units, and exports increased 13% from 1,86,166 units on February 20, to 2,10,206 units.

Year-to-date sales of Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto Year-to-date – From April 2020 to February 2021, sales ended in the red. This was the case when domestic sales and exports were involved from the perspective of both motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Total sales for the same period were 36,03,466 units, down 18% from 43,72,637 units in the same period last year.

Bajaj sales April 2020-February 2021
Bajaj sales April 2020-February 2021

Domestic sales of motorcycles decreased 18% from 19,79,936 units sold in the same April-February period of 2020 to 16,27,982 units. Exports decreased 6% from 17,56,656 units to 16,47,778 units. Seen from the perspective of a commercial vehicle.

Total commercial vehicle sales from April to February 2020 were 6,36,045 units, but from April to February 2021 they were down 48% to 3,27,706 units. Domestic sales fell 73% and exports fell 18% over the same period. As a result, total sales of motorcycles (-26%) and commercial vehicles (-8%) during the period from April to February 2021 were 36,03,466 units, a decrease of 18% from 43,72,637 units. ..

Bajaj February 2021 Sale-Platina, Pulsar, CT100, Avenger, Dominal

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