Australian drug watchers recognize covaxin for a trip to Australia

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Service (TGA), which regulates products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic tests, has today decided to approve the Covaxin (Bharat Biotech, India) and BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm, China) vaccines. bottom. ‘To establish the vaccination status of travelers. This recognition applies to travelers aged 12 and over who have been vaccinated with covaxin, and travelers aged 18 to 60 who have been vaccinated with BBIBP-CorV.

Covaxin, BBIBP-CorV, and the previously announced approvals of Coronavac (Sinovac, made in China) and Covishield (Adar Poonawalla-led Serum Institute of India) have been widely deployed by many Indian and Chinese citizens, and their vaccines. Other countries in the area are considered fully vaccinated for entry into Australia. The TGA said in a statement that this would have a significant impact on the return of international students and the travel of skilled and unskilled workers to Australia.

According to a report by the Australian Ministry of Health, the Australian Immunotechnology Advisory Group (ATAGI) said that those who received the TGA-approved or approved vaccine twice at least every 14 days were 7 days after the second dose. However, in the case of the Janssen vaccine (manufactured by American pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson), people are considered fully vaccinated 7 days after a single dose. According to regulators, approval includes schedules for homologous (two doses of the same vaccine) and heterogeneous (two doses of two different TGA-approved or approved vaccines).

“From today, vaccinated Australians and permanent residents over the age of 12 can leave Australia without having to seek a travel exemption,” TGA added.

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Australian drug watchers recognize covaxin for a trip to Australia

Source link Australian drug watchers recognize covaxin for a trip to Australia

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