Australia cracks down on “the most worrying day of a pandemic”

Sydney: Australia’s largest cities have said they have been fighting to contain the delta outbreak and have seen “the most worrisome day of the pandemic” so far, including higher fines and stronger police on Saturday. Announced tightening of regulations on Covid.
After months of pursuing the “Covid zero” strategy, Australia has struggled to control the recurrence of the coronavirus, with more than 10 million people blocked in the two largest cities and the capital, Canberra.
Residents of Sydney have been in the eighth week under a stay-at-home order, but current restrictions have proven to be insufficient to stop the spread, ignoring the rules or contacting tracers. You will be fined a lot for doing so.
Hundreds of defense personnel enforce home orders as police stepped up patrols and checkpoints and set another daily record of 466 community incidents in New South Wales’ most populous state. Help to do.
“Today is the most worrying pandemic day we’ve seen,” state Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian told reporters in Sydney.
Beregikrian explained efforts to curb outbreaks as a battle against “devilish” Delta stocks, saying Australia faces a serious threat from outbreaks.
“For a while I thought Australia was different from the rest of the world, but it’s not.”
Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said he sought additional authority after police reported people using loopholes to circumvent restrictions.
Residents are still allowed to leave home for exercise, shopping, health care, and important work, but police will step up efforts to enforce the restrictions, he said.
The rules for leaving Sydney have also become stricter to prevent further outbreaks from spreading to other areas.
The capital, surrounded by New South Wales, was blocked earlier this week while Melbourne’s second-largest city was fighting an outbreak.
The resurgence has raised criticism that only a quarter of eligible Australians who have been fully vaccinated so far have been delayed in deploying national vaccines.

Australia cracks down on “the most worrying day of a pandemic”

Source link Australia cracks down on “the most worrying day of a pandemic”

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