Audi confirms new EV at Auto Shanghai

New Delhi: German luxury car makers Audi and Mercedes-Benz ignite the Auto Shanghai with their latest electric vehicles.
While Audi used social media to make fun of its electricity supply, Mercedes-Benz is louder and clearer about its next EQB. The Shanghai Motor Show 2021 will start on April 18th.

The event is about the range of Mercedes-EQ’s ever-growing, complete electric model, emphasizing the “Lead in Electric” claim, Mercedes-Benz reports. EQ night.

After launching in China, the European version of EQB will continue later this year and will be available in the US market in 2022. The company currently owns five all-electric passenger cars and vans: EQS, EQV, EQC and EQB. And EQA.
Meanwhile, Audi writes: “There’s something moving at the Shanghai Motor Show next week.” The latest e-tron is expected to be the electrical counterpart of the A6.

In recent months, Audi has unveiled its flagship electric sedan, the e-Tron GT (flagship) and the Q4 e-Tron. Audi will also not miss the strength EV show at the Marquee event.

Audi confirms new EV at Auto Shanghai

Source link Audi confirms new EV at Auto Shanghai

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