Arsonists destroy 66 homes and 20 Hindu homes on torches in protest

At least 20 blasphemous social media posts in a minority community protest against temple destruction at the Durga Pugja Festival last week after 66 Hindu homes in Bangladesh were damaged by mobs, officials said. The door fired. According to, an arson attack by more than 100 mobs occurred late Sunday in the village of Pilganju Pajira in the Lampuru district, about 255 km from here.

Police rushed to the fishermen’s neighborhood as tensions increased in a Facebook post about rumors that a young Hindu man in the village had disgraced his religion, assistant superintendent Mohammad Kamulzaman told reporters.

“The incident happened after 10 pm yesterday, but the firefighters quickly put out the flames (and) the situation is now in full control,” he said.

No casualties have been reported, but officials said 66 homes were damaged and 20 were burned down during the attack. He added that as many as 52 suspects were arrested while Manhunt was launched for more suspects under Operation Coming in collaboration with other security forces.

The attacker set fire to other nearby homes as police guarded around the man’s home, the report said. According to the fire department, 29 houses, 2 kitchens, 2 barns and 20 haystacks were set on fire in Pilganji’s Majipara, according to reports from the scene. Cause of fire.

The fire department received a report of the fire at 8:45 pm and finally extinguished it by 4:10 am, the report said. The Arson case over the attack on Hindu temples and the blasphemy at the Durga Puja venue in Cumilla, which led to clashes with police in Cumilla, Chandpur, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Bandarvan, Morbi Bazaar and Gazipur. It happened as the tension in the community increased. Chapainawabganj, Feni and other districts.

Dozens of people were arrested for attacks and the spread of community hatred on social media, according to the report. On Wednesday and Thursday, four Muslim tycoons were killed in Hajigangji, the worst scene of violence, and the bodies of Hindu followers were found in a pond in Begunbanji near the Noakari district.

Muslim and Hindu protesters have traveled to the streets of various parts of the country over the past few days, including the capital Dhaka. The Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unified Council in Bangladesh said at least 70 Pooja Pavilion and temples had been attacked in the last three days of violence. The council claims that at least four Hindu followers were killed in the attacks in Chandpur and Noakali.

Meanwhile, the Elite Anti-Crime Unit’s Responsive Battalion (RAB) has added two more men in connection with the plundering and vandalism of temples and shops belonging to the Hindu minority community in Feni, about 155 km away. I was arrested. They were arrested for engaging in community violence and inciting people on social media. They were handed over to a local police station, said Imran Khan, assistant director of the legal and media departments of the paramilitary organization.

Earlier Saturday, one was arrested in connection with an attack that occurred while the Fenipuja Celebration Commission and its supporters were preparing to protest the country’s joint violence. The perpetrators also destroyed and plundered several temples and many shops owned by Hindus and torch cars. They clashed with the police for about seven hours.

Authorities deployed additional police and paramilitary organizations — the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), after several Hindu-owned temples and businesses were destroyed and robbed during the clash. About 40 people were injured in the violence, including Nizam Uddin, the officer at Feni Model Police Station.

Two proceedings were filed against 400 unnamed people on Sunday. Meanwhile, on Monday, a group of students from the University of Dhaka teamed up with religious groups protesting attacks on temples, courtrooms and homes in the Hindu community throughout Bangladesh, the report said.

Protesters called for the establishment of another ministry to handle issues related to minority groups. Community tensions arose when the minority Hindus, who make up 9% of Bangladesh’s 160 million population, celebrated their biggest religious festival, Durga Pujar, last week.

In another report, quoted Bangladesh’s prominent rights group Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) as many as 3,679 attacks on the minority Hindu community between January 2013 and September this year. Said that was done. The attacks included 559 homes, 442 shops and businesses in the Hindu community, including vandalism and fires.

At the same time, at least 1,678 incidents of vandalism and arson attacks on Hindu temples, idols and worship sites were reported, he said. Eleven citizens from the Hindu community were killed in these incidents, but an additional 862 were injured, the report said.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised to bring the criminal behind the violence to justice, and no one would be spared if he was involved in the attack on the Hindu temple and Durga Puja venue in Comira. Said.

“The case in Comira has been thoroughly investigated. No one is spared. It doesn’t matter which religion they belong to. They will be cornered and punished,” he said.

Hasina said the attack was part of a well-designed plan to destabilize the country. The Durga Puja festival, which is considered to be the largest festival of the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh, ended without the traditional Bijoyada Shami procession.

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Arsonists destroy 66 homes and 20 Hindu homes on torches in protest

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