Are you using Google Tasks?Easy reason you should

Do you need a to-do list on your desktop? This turns out to be a convenient way to track items as they pass through an email if an individual needs to reply to the email or access the message again later. Google’s task app eliminates the hassle of surfing a pile of emails. Android and iOS have task-only apps, but if you’re using Gmail on your desktop, the Google Tasks app will be integrated into your inbox.

How to access the task app with Gmail on the web

Step 1: On the right side of your Gmail main page or in the lower right corner of your screen, you’ll see a panel with icons such as tasks and calendars.

Step 2: To open the task, click the icon (blue button with white line and yellow dot) that matches this description in the panel.Ideally placed below the calendar and keep buttons

Step 3: Click the icon to open the task in the sidebar. If this is your first time[開始]Please click on the

Step 4: To create a task[タスクを追加]Click

Step 5: Enter a name for your task in the blank space labeled “Title”. You can also add details and set the date and time of the task. You can use the symbols to the right of the date / time to create repetitive tasks.

Step 6: You can also edit or add information to the task.All you need to do is click on the task, its details, or its date

Create a separate list to categorize your tasks to help you organize them. You can also modify / edit the list and create a new list. If you want to delete a task or add a subtask, press the three dots to the right of the task name. You also have the option to change the list assigned to a particular task. For more general adjustments, such as changing the sort order[タスクの追加]Click the three dots to the right of.

Now, to save the email as a task, drag the email to the task sidebar. When the task is complete, click the circle to the left of the task.At the bottom of the sidebar[完了]You can also click to view the completed tasks.

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Are you using Google Tasks?Easy reason you should

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