Apple will add additional payment options to this country’s dating app

Apple Inc. complies with the Dutch decision to allow third-party payment options for dating apps the first time it allows external payments within the App Store app.

Apple announced late Friday that it would release a pair of so-called entitlements that would allow developers to implement their own third-party payment services for payments for Dutch dating apps.

This will avoid Apple’s 15% to 30% revenue sharing, which has been scrutinized by governments and developers in multiple countries.

The iPhone maker said dating app developers could continue to use Apple’s system and outlined the benefits of doing so.

“Apple does not directly recognize purchases made using these alternative purchase methods, so Apple manages refunds, purchase history, and subscriptions that occur when purchasing digital goods and services using these alternative purchase methods. , And other issues cannot be assisted by users, “the company said in a message to developers posted on its website.

The company also said it disagreed with the decision and appealed.

“We have appealed ACM’s decision to the High Court because we do not believe these orders will be in the best interests of the user. These changes may impair the user experience and pose new threats to the user. I’m concerned. Privacy and data security. ”

Apple said this year some app developers can direct users to the web to complete transactions.

The company has been ordered by the Dutch antitrust authorities to allow dating apps to use other payment systems and to be fined € 50 million ($ 57 million), changing the January 15 deadline. it was done.

According to the Dutch Consumer Markets Authority, Apple imposes “unreasonable conditions” by giving users the freedom to choose to pay for apps other than Apple’s in-app purchases.

This story is published from the news agency feed without changing the text. Only the heading has changed.

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Apple will add additional payment options to this country’s dating app

Source link Apple will add additional payment options to this country’s dating app

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