Apple explores AirPods that measure temperature and monitor posture

Washington: Apple is reportedly looking for new features focused on the health of AirPods. Functions may include using earphones to measure the wearer’s temperature, monitor posture, and improve hearing.

According to The Verge, it’s not clear if the latter feature is significantly different from AirPods’ existing “conversation boost” feature.

According to reports, these features are “not expected by next year and may not be rolled out to consumers or may change timing.”

In other words, iPhone makers seem to be looking for these new health features rather than actively working to integrate them with products that will be available in the next year or two.

Adding these sensors makes sense to Apple. The company has begun to sell its products with enhanced health and fitness applications, but so far most of this attention has been focused on the Apple Watch.

According to a report last month, the company is considering adding a variety of sensors to wearables, such as monitoring blood pressure, body temperature, sleep quality, blood oxygen, and blood sugar levels.

However, integrating health features into commercial products is a daunting task, primarily because it is difficult to meet the high standards of medical regulatory standards. This inevitably leads to delays.

For example, it was reported in June that temperature monitoring would be added on the next Apple Watch, but this feature didn’t appear on Apple Watch 7 in September.

However, measuring body temperature from someone’s ear is commonplace, and there are many posture devices on the market that use digital sensors to alert the wearer when crouching.

Apple has already shown interest in using AirPods as some kind of hearing assistant, but earphones aren’t really approved by the FDA for this purpose.

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Apple explores AirPods that measure temperature and monitor posture

Source link Apple explores AirPods that measure temperature and monitor posture

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