Apple event introduces new iPhone 13, iPad, Watch Series 7

The high-tech giant in Cupertino, California, unveiled the iPhone 13 and a new-looking smartwatch at its annual September event. The company livestreamed it on its website instead of holding it directly as a precautionary measure for Covid-19.

The event concludes the year Apple made record profits thanks to the iPhone 12 last fall, fighting enemies dissatisfied with its power for third-party software on mobile devices.

The iPhone 13 is similar to its predecessor, and a key challenge for Apple CEO Cook is to avoid a drop in sales that would welcome other older iPhones following a blockbuster. is. Some investors are concerned that the company’s share price has been overvalued and that new phones with less dramatic changes will not drive the same level of growth compared to last year’s long-awaited debut.

Last year’s phone showed the advent and new look of the ultra-fast 5G cellular data-enabled iPhone. According to Apple, the iPhone 13 has a brighter screen, an improved camera, a faster microprocessor, and a larger battery.

According to the company, the regular version of the iPhone 13 offers 2.5 hours longer battery life than previous models. New features include “cinematic mode,” which allows users to capture movie-style video with their iPhone camera.

Analysts surveyed by FactSet expect sales to decline slightly in the next fiscal year starting in October on average, but revenues are expected to increase slightly, with Apple offering 5G2. There is optimism in the year. Apple said it is expanding its 5G phones to 60 countries.

If the analysts are right and the sales volume declines next year, it will be important for Apple to withdraw more money from each sale. While tech giants haven’t seen tremendous growth in iPhone devices in recent years, Cook was able to drive revenue growth on more expensive phones.

One factor that has helped Apple profit over the past year and make more expensive phones more attractive to some consumers is the mobile phone company’s battle for new 5G services. They flood the market with incentives, making phones more affordable for many buyers.

Meanwhile, analysts estimate that Apple’s average mobile phone selling price rose 12% to $ 829 last year.

The event on Tuesday was first by Apple Chief Executive Officer Cook, as a federal judge on Friday largely opposed attempts by Fortnite maker Epic Games Inc. to revoke Apple’s grip. Has been released. A video game company antitrust lawsuit sought permission. Third-party developers bypass Apple’s App Store.

Instead, the judge quoted the value of Apple’s ecosystem to consumers, but a rule prohibiting developers from directing users to alternative payment methods outside the app violates California law and suspends it. I ordered. Epic is fascinating and Apple said it is considering a verdict.

Prior to the ruling, Apple had made concessions on so-called anti-steering provisions to resolve class action proceedings by small developers and investigations by Japanese authorities.

Cook wasn’t expected to comment on the news surrounding the company during the event on Tuesday. Instead, he and his executives may discuss features for the new iPhone and other new products.

The new iPhone isn’t expected to make a dramatic difference compared to last year’s long-awaited phone debut with ultra-fast 5G cellular connectivity. The company is expected to maintain small, medium, and large sizes while offering camera and battery improvements, people familiar with the matter said. Apple will also announce the latest smartwatches.

The company has sold a record number of iPhones this month and is at a pace to end the fiscal year. Analysts surveyed by FactSet predict that Apple has shipped an average of 239 million devices. That’s more than the previous record of 231 million units in 2015, when the first big-screen version boosted growth.

Apple no longer discloses unit sales, but said device sales increased 38% in the first three quarters of the year compared to the previous year. Analysts predict iPhone sales to grow 41% to a record $ 194 billion.

According to analysts, Apple is unlikely to be able to sustain its growth next year. In July, the company expressed concern about the industry’s lack of microprocessors that hinder the iPhone. In addition, sales typically decline in the year following the first 12 months of major deployments such as the iPhone 12. For example, after posting the previous highest year of iPhone revenue in 2018, thanks to the debut of the iPhone X with facials-recognition unlocking and new look — device sales declined over the next two years.

“At many levels, the iPhone 12 cycle is similar to the iPhone 6 cycle and the iPhone 10 cycle,” said Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, in a survey note this summer. In each cycle, following the iPhone 6 and iPhone X, there is a 32% and 39% drop from peak to trough, respectively.

When asked in July about the potential for iPhone sales to drop, Cook told analysts: Looking at the penetration rate of 5G around the world, only a few countries are still in the double digits. And that’s amazing in the next nine months or so. “

Apple stocks tend to reflect the excitement for the iPhone. Inventories doubled in the months before the latest mobile phones went on sale in 2020. So far in 2021, the market share has risen by nearly 13%.

Before getting the iPhone, Apple updated its low-end iPad tablets, including the new iPad and iPad Mini. The prices are $ 329 and $ 499, respectively. The company also announced the latest version of its smartwatch, the Watch Series 7. It debuts on a large screen with softer corners. Series 7 starts at $ 399 and will be available later this fall.

Analysts surveyed by FactSet expect Apple’s wearables and accessories category to grow to $ 38.7 billion this year. In contrast, Watch debuted in 2015 at $ 10 billion.

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Apple event introduces new iPhone 13, iPad, Watch Series 7

Source link Apple event introduces new iPhone 13, iPad, Watch Series 7

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