Amor Parashar of “Sardar Udam”: It is a result that is noticed in a wonderful movie with Vicky Kaushall.Hindi movie news

Actor Amor Parashar breaks away from the lucky image and spectates his impeccable transformation as Bhagat Singh in the Oscar-nominated film “Sardar Udam” by filmmaker Shogit Sirker. Surprised. While Vicky Kaushall played an important role in “Sardar Udam,” Amor’s impactful performance also caught his eye. In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, Amol shared how he played a role. excerpt…

How was your character’s reaction in “Sardar Udam”?

People love this movie and love how Shojit (Sirker) Sir molded it perfectly in his own way. For me, the story focused on Udam’s story, so it will always look special in terms of screen time. But it has been loved by so many people! It is overwhelming to be part of a movie that leaves such an impact. The attention in such a great movie with such a great performance by Vicky is a result in itself. I will tap my back.

Your look was very different from your previous movie …

The make-up team and costume team are in charge of the appearance as an actor. I was aware of my role. I knew it was different from the previous one, so I had to stick to justice. I had to forget everything I had done before and just focus on the character. The character of Bagatoshin was very real. He was a real person with emotions, jokes, fun, passion, love for the country and his freedom. In that sense, he had to make sure to use his vision. The only reference you have about these people is from the scene, but Shogit read me about him, imagine his personality, and don’t have luggage from his previous depictions. I was hoping for. I created the actual character without relying on the depiction.

How did you prepare for that role?

When you have a great team, the work is divided. We had a very clear vision of what we were trying to show. I think all we needed was to learn about these people. In the kind of research material the team had in my personal work, I noticed that they were far more than what we think we know about them. This opened my thoughts and hearts about these legends from modern Indian history. We have formed our thoughts about them from books, stories, etc., so it is different to get to their thoughts.

Did you have any idea about Bagato Singh that changed while studying the film?

My thoughts on bagatocin were greatly expanded in the process of the film. Apart from rebelling against the British government, he probably had many political and social ideas that not everyone knew. It taught us a little more about these legendary people and how well they were read. People’s photos are emphasized and become realistic. My knowledge has only grown, not changed.

You really needed to connect with the character …

Of course, you need to connect and this is why it helps to read about them. As I knew, he wrote a lot anonymously.

You are also a writer …

(Laughs) He wrote about socio-political things, but mine was a personal emotional story. They were young, idealistic and very intelligent people. Reading about their views on society, people’s welfare, freedom and justice will evolve you, it’s very spectacular.

Amor Parashar of “Sardar Udam”: It is a result that is noticed in a wonderful movie with Vicky Kaushall.Hindi movie news

Source link Amor Parashar of “Sardar Udam”: It is a result that is noticed in a wonderful movie with Vicky Kaushall.Hindi movie news

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