Amika Mani is the top group in the women’s category

Madhya Pradesh’s India’s No. 2 Amika Mani reaffirms her advantage over National Champion and Tamil Nadu’s India No. 1 Viduyapirai by winning a decisive victory in the final round of the Women’s Z Camp (Round 2). Click here for the BSFI National Selection Tournament, one of the World Snooker Qualifiers, which has ended as a total number. Amy also defeated Vidia in the first leg.

In a battle between the top two Indian female cuists, 29-year-old Amy lost the opening frame to her senior opponent from Tamil Nadu. However, she made a decisive recovery, completing 34-58, 65-45, 75 (55) -14, and 61-31 victories with 55 sophisticated breaks in the third frame. This was her fourth victory in Round 2 of the competition, ending with a total of 9716 points (3560 as national runner-up), 3240 (Y-Camp), and 2916 (Z-Camp). First position.

“It feels great to emerge as the number one player. It was difficult because I was playing the first major tournament after the blockade. It’s still hard to play after more than 18 months and the World Cup I was a little nervous because it was qualifying. I was well prepared and managed to put it on my feet and play a series of games. This is very difficult. I myself I’m very pleased with the success of Amy, “said Amy in a Sunday release.

India’s 3rd Barca-longa Sanjeve in Tamil Nadu finished second with 9428 points (3204 Nationals, 2624 Y camp, 3600 Z camp). In her final league match, Barca defeated Delhi’s Kiras Bandar 3-1 (66-30, 48-64, 62-11, 65-32).

Vidya is third with 9291 points (4000, 2916, 2375), Ta’il Nadu teenager Anupama Ramchandran is fourth with 9108 points (2884, 3600, 2624), and K’rnataka’s Chitra Magimairaj 7558 points (2362, 1956). , 3240), Maharashtra’s Arancha Santis 6941 (2610, 2375, 1956), Delhi’s Kiras B 6459 points (2161, 2149, 2149).


Women’s Z Camp (Round 2): Chitra Magi Myraj (KTK) defeats Arancha Santis (MAH) 3-2 (67-48, 60-93, 02-66, 73-40, 68-36) .. Varsha Sanjeev (TN) defeated Keerath Bhandaal (DEL) 3-1 (66-30, 48-64, 62-11, 65-32). Amy Kamani (MP) defeated Biduya Pillai (KTK) 3-1 (34-58, 65-45, 75 (55) -14, 61-31). Varsha Sanjeev (TN) defeated Chitra Magimairaj (KTK) 3-1 (10-58, 52-43, 62-25, 64-22). Arancha Santis (MAH) defeated Kiras Bandar (DEL) 3-2 (20-62, 45-36, 57-34, 37-66, 60-14).

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Amika Mani is the top group in the women’s category

Source link Amika Mani is the top group in the women’s category

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