Alitalia dies after 75 years of turbulence and is handed over to ITA

Milan: Alitalia, a former symbol of Italian style and charm, was lowered due to financial mismanagement, and operated its last flight on Thursday 75 years later, with a subsequent miniaturized successor. It will be taken over by a certain Italian truss port Aero (ITA).

Alitalia, a traditional choice of the Pope, prima donna and Italian political elite, has been run by state-appointed managers since 2017 to avoid liquidation.

Landing in Rome around 2100 GMT, the night flight from Sardinia’s capital, Cagliari, will be the last bow of an airline founded in 1946 after a series of restructuring and ownership changes.

The company has been in the black this century in just one year, and the government has spent more than € 8 billion ($ 9.27 billion) over the past three years rushing to rescue many times.

The Last Rite of Aritalia Airlines, as is often the case in its lifetime, was surrounded by political controversy, including the far-right opposition, the Brothers of Italy, blaming the end of Mario Draghi’s government.

“Today we are losing another gem. It is the company that has built the history of our country and … we are proud to be Italian,” said party leader Giorgia Meloni. Told.

After trying to sell Alitalia to private investors, in 2020 Rome succumbed to the disastrous consequences of a pandemic in the aviation sector and decided to create an ITA from its ashes.

The new airline, in which the government will invest € 1.35 billion over three years, will begin with 52 jets and 2,800 employees, compared to Alitalia’s approximately 110 aircraft and 10,000 employees.

Transactions negotiated with the European Commission must have a clear discontinuity between Alitalia and its successors, and the new airline will make a profit by the end of its 2021-2025 business plan. is needed.

However, the legacy of Alitalia’s high costs, mismanagement, political and trade union impacts can make it difficult for ITA to shrug.

The new airline is in talks to buy the Alitalia brand and is expected to retain its traditional green-white-red livery.

The launch of the Nimble Career leaves a question mark on the future of more than 7,000 Alitalia Airlines workers under a temporary dismissal system paid by the government until at least September 2022.

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Alitalia dies after 75 years of turbulence and is handed over to ITA

Source link Alitalia dies after 75 years of turbulence and is handed over to ITA

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