aicte: Depressed management student placement could generate more entrepreneurs

According to recent data released by the All India Technical Education Council (AICTE), placements in management schools across the country fell by 23% in 2020.

Digital destruction

AICTE Chairman Anil D Sahasrabudhe states that employers want to know more than a candidate’s degree before hiring a candidate. “Previous offline internships introduced the company to the individuality and characteristics of students, such as team work, time management, problem solving, and soft skills. Online internships have this important to the final placement. The foothold has a big problem, “he says.


Voting was successful

Similarly, online interviews make it difficult for businesses to gain additional insights into potential employee attitudes and soft skills such as communication skills. “All of this led to a drop in the final ranking last year,” says Sahasrabudhe.


The pandemic has frustrated all sectors. As the business declined, the number of new hires hired across the industry automatically slowed. “Recent conversations with a variety of cross-sectoral players have revealed that their business activities are slowly returning to normal and they want to be a more proactive part of the placement process this year.” Sahasrabudhe adds.

Decreased solvency

Regarding the number of students enrolled in management courses in sessions from 2020 to 2021, the chair said that AICTE does not have formal data, but enrollment numbers also appear to be affected. “The pandemic is afflicting all departments, and even families are experiencing significant losses in personal income, which seems to have led students to postpone their plans for higher education to post-pandemic sessions,” said Sahasrabudhe. increase.

Internship portal

A fruitful internship is one of the best ways to get a placement at the end of a professional course. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, various universities in Tier II and III cities were unable to offer students the best opportunities in this regard, says Sahasrabudhe. “AICTE recently launched a portal that allows students to apply for and obtain the most suitable internship for them. So far, the portal has provided 11½-easy summer and semester internship opportunities. I hope this will also change the final number of placements, “he says.

Entrepreneurial wayInstead of putting too much emphasis on placement, students should now be encouraged to go on an entrepreneurial path, Sahasrabudhe says. “Last year taught us about the uncertainty of life. Students should now be encouraged and taught in ways to help them leap forward to become entrepreneurs. Being a job seeker. So they should be able to add to the country’s employability scene and become job seekers, “he adds.

According to data collected by AICTE, between 2020 and 21 only 92,322 students in the management course graduated from AICTE-approved management colleges. In contrast, the previous year was 119,546. State B School, known for its strong service sector, has also seen a decline in placements such as Maharashtra (20%), Karnataka (15%), Tamil Nadu (28%), Madhya Pradesh (22%) and Uttar Pradesh (28%). I reported. ). Data show that the sharp decline in deployments plummeted to the lowest level in nine years in 2020.

aicte: Depressed management student placement could generate more entrepreneurs

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