After all, Rick Jarvey’s Tony begins to mourn

Story: A part of Tony’s heart disappears with Lisa, and he rages at you, me, and the whole world. In this drama, Ricky Gervais guides you through the different stages of sadness and beloved life.

review: When the bereaved family Tony (a phenomenal Ricky Gervais) sat next to his father who had Alzheimer’s disease and reassured him, the virtual crowd cried all at once in the first half of this raging pandemic. Perhaps these big splashes of raw human emotions in the little victory of life marvel at mediocre and now the third and last “After Life” of creator director Ricky Gervais. In the season, we made it the most reliable tier jar car for those who want it. belong to.

Following the tonality of the debut version, Tony is considered “generally stupid” in his angry mind, with reckless driving and a noisy crowd (in his polluted vision). I’m still very angry with the people who are. Only this time he is finer and a little more sophisticated around the edges. Tony learned to embrace the warmth of life in every shade in his nihilistic way. And what I hate to break it for you is where the script goes downhill.

Gervais’s insulting comedy has grown so big with an avid fan base that star comedians flatten his face, preaching one or two things about life and its brutality. But the size of his comedy genius finds the exit of the iconic line: I liked AIDS, “and even did basic things like” I don’t even have a boyfriend and I’m doing it easily. ” Although unable to understand the creative thinking process behind it, Gervais seizes the opportunity to overwhelm emotions and bring about his own collapse.

I love to love him when he hates the world, whether on stage or behind the phone screen. Not the other way around.

Only six episodes are packed for a goodbye installation, so the creators strain it and devote only a long bit to the crowd’s favorite characters: Cemetery Companion, Lisa’s video, Lenny (Tony Way). ), His friendship with Matt (Tom) and the adorable Banter Basden). With the exception of another practical pessimist, Colleen, the new character doesn’t stick.

“After Life” keeps up with the hot topics of pandemics and racism, but quickly pivots to more inspiring and meaningful themes so you can take advantage of their strengths and play.

Talking about the profound turning point, Tony’s recorded conversation about scattering the ashes of his dad (David Bradley) in a restaurant under the Queen’s portrait is a heartwarming scene in the series. Similarly, his video diary, composed of Lisa (Easy Kelly God Liman), reminds us of one of the few reasons that made this series our comfortable show.

“Afterlife” is a dirty and angry humanist comedy that sticks to each other from despair and has a pessimistic impression of unloved faceless ordinary people. But at a deep, humane level, it resonates depending on how a particular sequence is on your face.

If only Ricky Gervais threw abuse, hurt him privately, and chose not to regain peace and preach. Tsk! Tsk!

After all, Rick Jarvey’s Tony begins to mourn

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