Afsana Khan drinks oil assuming it is water, says “it tastes different”

The October 12th episode of Bigg Boss 15 showed how wisely “Junglewaasis” defeated “Gharwaasis” in the task “jungle meink hunk hardangal”. Despite the regular and commendable efforts of Pratik Sehajpal, Nishiant Bhat, and Shamita Shetty, “Junglewaasis” won, and as a reward, Bigg Boss gave them some tiles and used them. Proceed through the main building of Bigg. boss.

After losing the first round, Karan Kundrra and Jay Bhanushali entered the main building to block Nishiant and limit conversations between Gharwaasis. They covered him with a blanket on the kitchen shelf, but Shamita was quite disappointed. Following their strategy, Karan and Jay called on Afsana Khan to check Shamita and block her from doing anything. In the middle of the game, Karan made the most of his time in the kitchen and ate a few spoons or keels. He took the bowl and offered it to a companion outside the main building.

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Very thirsty, Afsana thinks it’s water and lifts a glass from the kitchen to drink. When she experiences a terrible taste, she spits it out into the sink. She asks Karan, “Why does the taste of water so strange?” He replied that he was unaware of it, and even told Afsana not to drink anything randomly from anywhere. After a while, she went to Shamita and Platic and asked what was in the glass. And it turned out that Afsana drank the oil. Next, the two Gharwaasis suggest that the singer gargle and drink plenty of water.

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From the promotion of the next episode of the reality show, I learned that the Big Boss gives Jungle Warsis a special opportunity to enter the main building directly. Shamita is the task “Sancharak” and the Jungle Warasis is divided into three teams. It will be interesting to see which team will enter the Big Boss house.

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Afsana Khan drinks oil assuming it is water, says “it tastes different”

Source link Afsana Khan drinks oil assuming it is water, says “it tastes different”

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