“Afghanistan cannot sustain a puppet government,” said Imran Khan in a report of Pakistan’s impact on the Taliban.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said Wednesday that Afghanistan could not be maintained in a “puppet government” and the Taliban could only “motivate” to work “in the right direction.” Pakistan has been repeatedly accused of trying to interfere with national affairs after the Taliban took over. By making Haqqanis part of the government or helping militants seize Panjshir.

In an interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson, Kahn talked about women’s rights in Afghanistan, what constitutes the “freedom” of a devastated country, and more. Kahn said no one could predict the future of Afghanistan.

“We can pray for peace in 40 years. And the Taliban want a comprehensive government. They want women’s rights in their context. They want human rights. They have given a pardon. So what they have said so far makes it clear that they want international acceptance. They are 1962-2001. I didn’t want it to be accepted internationally during that time. ”

But this time, Kahn said the Taliban made such a statement and they should be motivated in that direction. “But there is another fallacy in Afghanistan: it’s out of control from the outside. They have that history,” he said.

“The puppet government in Afghanistan is not endorsed by people. It loses credibility among people, so you should give them incentives rather than sitting here and thinking they have some control over them.” Said.

He said he clearly felt that the current government would not be able to stop the crisis without international assistance and assistance. “So we should give them incentives. Push them in the right direction,” he said.

Talking about critics claiming that the Taliban destabilized the country, Khan pointed out that the Soviet Union had withdrawn in 1989, ending with a “blood bath.” Kahn said he expected a similar massacre after the U.S. military left.

“Our intelligence has told us that the Taliban will not be able to take over all of Afghanistan, and if they try to take over Afghanistan militarily, a protracted civil war will occur, which we Khan said the world should now “give them time” to form a legitimate government and “fulfill their promises.”

“Women will get their rights”

Since taking control, extremist organizations have sought to improve their international status by protecting human rights, especially those of women and girls, and promising journalists to continue their work. Meanwhile, women have been excluded from the Taliban’s interim government, ordered to stay home in some areas, and their schooling is restricted.

“It’s a mistake to think that someone outside gives rights to Afghan women. Afghan women are strong. Give them time. They will get their rights,” Khan said. I told CNN.

“Women should have the ability to realize their life potential in society,” he added. If a girl studies, if a girl studies, if she is educated, she will get her rights. ”

However, much of the international community remains skeptical about whether the Taliban will make progress in securing women’s rights. The Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 but was expelled by a US-led invasion, has long regarded women as second-class citizens, abuse, forced marriage, and almost visible in the country. I have been exposed to the existence that does not exist.

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“Afghanistan cannot sustain a puppet government,” said Imran Khan in a report of Pakistan’s impact on the Taliban.

Source link “Afghanistan cannot sustain a puppet government,” said Imran Khan in a report of Pakistan’s impact on the Taliban.

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