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New Delhi: Enterprise-Recommended Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Partner Aeris Communications today announces Enterprise Voice Solution – Claerityai, the latest speech enhancement technology powered by artificial intelligence, through a virtual conference in India. bottom. Claerityai was launched in the presence of prominent officials from the public and private sector, healthcare, IT and ITeS, education, finance, law and order. Someone who discussed the challenges faced during WFH and the benefits of noise reduction technology from voice and video conferencing calls.

With the prevalence of Covid-19, the majority of the population has come to work and operate at home. As a result, they have become increasingly dependent on enterprise and business technologies that rely heavily on audio / video conferencing platforms to deploy collaboration tools and ensure business continuity. However, a recent CMR survey found that more than 30% of users perceive voice echo and voice clarity as common concerns affecting online meetings.

Benefits of Claerityai
• Improve voice quality for online meetings
• Eliminate the distractions caused by background noise
• Improve the customer experience in every interaction with the business
• Improve professional reputation for customers, prospects and other businesses, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction
Claerityai is an AI-powered speech enhancement technology that improves productivity by removing all unwanted background noise from virtual conferencing. It recognizes the speaker’s human utterances, eliminates other noise in the background, and improves the quality of all outbound and inbound audio conferencing. Claerityai integrates seamlessly with a variety of collaboration tools such as Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. Designed for the enterprise, this single solution features centralized user provisioning and works securely across the user base.

Marc Jones, Chairman and CEO of Aeris Communications, said: “We are pleased to announce the global launch of Claerity AI, a new AI-powered voice improvement solution that has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of virtual calls. Today’s technology enables business owners. Will be more efficient and competitive, with endless possibilities offered by conversational AI, especially from dynamic noise suppression software to conversational kiosks that can greet returning clients by name. “

Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, President of Aeris Communications, said of the announcement: WFH, home research, and social isolation have increased the use of virtual presence and collaboration tools. Professionals, instructors, and students are regularly placed in an environment where background noise is unavoidable during online meetings and classes, leading to poor concentration and efficiency. Today, we are announcing the highly-demanded noise-canceling and speech-enhanced enterprise voice solution — ClaerityAI to help businesses increase their productivity and enhance the diversity of their customer experiences. “

Professor Sandeep Sancheti (Dr.), Provost (Vice President) at Marwadi University, said: The demand for improved connectivity and reliable audio and video devices to enable seamless learning is more important than ever. By combining active noise cancellation and passive noise damping, the right tools can help provide a stable experience regardless of noise level, eliminate misunderstandings, and reduce the need for repetition. Aeris has brought the coveted innovation in background noise cancellation and voice clarity. “

TV Ramachandran, President of the Broadband India Forum, said: During a virtual call, professionals working from home are regularly interrupted by unwanted background noise. I and my BIF team members have been using ClaerityAI for the past eight weeks and have experienced a huge difference in online conversation with no noise distortion and reduced background noise. We have a very nice product in front of us, and I warmly recommend using Claerity AI for everything. “

Shekhar Sanial, IET Director and Country Head, said: With CalerityAI, we got amazing results. The background noise that was a big distraction in online meetings and classes suddenly disappears for listeners. We really enjoy using ClaerityAI and hope to continue to provide quality to all our online collaboration tools. “

Debjani Ghosh, president of NASSCOM, said: These are very exciting times for the technology ecosystem, especially India’s technology ecosystem, which underpins most of the world’s innovations. It’s also a very interesting time for Tech SME, which has contributed about one-fifth of the total revenue of the Indian technology industry. There is a great opportunity to take advantage of the differentiation they bring to the game and leap forward to meet changing customer expectations.

Professor Rajendra Pratap Gupta, a former adviser and founder of the Federal Minister of Health, said: Now it’s over 80%. Digital healthcare contributes significantly to healthcare during a pandemic. However, there are some limitations to technology when treating patients during a pandemic. There is a problem with the background noise. And if you’re talking about standard online consulting, I think the Claerity AI solution is important. It goes as far as doctors call it a prescription for writing a prescription. “

The program featured exciting sessions by prominent industry leaders and technical experts, including Alok Kumar, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India. Shashank Padhye, Shaleja Mahajan, Senior CATI Manager, Founder and CEO of TeamCVoter; Janani.Life, and Founder and CEO of Nilay Malhotra; Balcal Nutrefy Diet Solutions Pvt Ltd. Rahul Singh, Chairman-Professor of PGPX & BIMTECH; DU, Principal of Ramanujan University, Dr. SP Agarwal. CA Himanshu Kumar, founder of Tax4wealth. FluxGen Technologies, Founder and CEO, Ganesh Shankar; Co-founder and Business Head Charanya V Kumar – Gurucool Fun and Sobus Insight Forum CEO and MD Digvijay Chaudhari shared the user experience.

Aeris Communications Announces Enterprise Voice Solution-Claerityai in India-India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

Source link Aeris Communications Announces Enterprise Voice Solution-Claerityai in India-India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

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