Acer partners with Dixon to manufacture laptops in India

PC brand Acer India announced Thursday that it will partner with Noida-based Dixon Technologies to manufacture laptops at Dixon’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which can produce up to 500,000 Acer laptops annually.

Acer said it will introduce global know-how and processes for manufacturing high-tech electronic products in the laptop category and implement them through Dixon Technologies’ facilities.

Harish Kohli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Acer India, said: statement.

“With over 44 years of global manufacturing capabilities and powerful processes, we are proud to catalyze the manufacturing-driven growth story of Indian PCs,” Kohli added.

The company said the alliance would strongly stimulate India’s manufacturing competitiveness and leverage the Indian government’s production-linked incentives (PLI).

The IT hardware PLI brought by the Government of India is a groundbreaking product with the advantages of adding value domestically and significantly positioning India as a major export hub.

The impetus for PC manufacturing is especially important as it helps reduce imports, which are becoming increasingly important as usage increases rapidly within the limits of Covid-19.

Vachani, Executive Chairman of Dixon Technologies, said:

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Acer partners with Dixon to manufacture laptops in India

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