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The 2021 Hyeres finalists were announced yesterday. Among the 10 finalists are master’s students Sofia Ilmonen and bachelor’s students Venla Elonsalo and ArttuÅfeldt, all from Aalto University. It was selected for the final from 185 applicants.

The annual Festival International de Mode & de Photographie Hyères is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, but it wasn’t held last year due to a pandemic. The 36th Hyeres Festival will be held from October 14th to 17th.

The judges are made up of the most famous international influencers in the field. This year’s jury will be chaired by Louise Trotter, Lacoste’s creative director, who considers finalists to be very diverse.

“Everyone was unique. The depth of research really surprised me. Their work is incredibly rich and they are all strong in their interests, abilities, and approach to design. What surprised me was their self-expression and personality. It’s a very high level, “she said.

Fashion design professor Pirjo Hirvonen sees organizing competition as an injection of powerful entertainment after a year’s break, and the industry is also seeing a rise from the pandemic. It is also reflected in the revitalized recruitment demand in fashion education programs.

Focus on quality
According to Professor Hirvonen, it’s a lot of quality for this year’s finalists. The focus is on clothing, quality, and how they fit.

“What all three student collections have in common is strong control over overall quality and shape, and strong zoning and structural skills in clothing combined with a personal view of fashion.” Hirvonen says.

The main idea of ​​the Sofia Ilmonen collection is modularity and the versatility it brings.

“My starting point was to find a solution to the shortness of clothing that served as a protest against the waste of the clothing industry. The shape of the pattern pieces because all the costumes in the collection are made of squares of the same size. Does not determine future features. The idea is that the garment will last for a while as it can be changed over and over again with the help of buttons and button loops, “explains Ilmonen.

The name of her collection, “Same Same but Different,” is a playful explanation of her collection ideas. The squares remain the same, but their shape can change.

“It’s great to be in the finals of the tournament! But I’m a little confused. It’s great to be able to present my work to a larger audience and represent Aalto University.” Ilmonen explains and certainly captures the feelings of all finalists.

ArttuÅfeldt blends classic menswear with gaming aesthetics and uniforms. The collection uses dry suit waterproofing techniques such as seam taping, and the pockets are made with a heat transfer vinyl finish. Nylon glued with a striped print combines classic and functionality, giving the pinstripes suit a new look. Åfeldt has added an active element to minimalist menswear as the appearance changes when the functional fabric gets wet.

Venla Elonsalo examines the emotional relationship between stuffed animals and people. She created the collection using traditional methods of 3D modeling, digital pttern creation, and teddy bear creation.

“This collection is inspired by my children’s stuffed animal collection and children’s clothing from the early 1900s. It was important to incorporate the essence of stuffed animals into my design,” says Elonsalo.

Aalto University: Three Aart Fashion Students Again in Hyeres Final-Indian Education | Global Education | Education News

Source link Aalto University: Three Aart Fashion Students Again in Hyeres Final-Indian Education | Global Education | Education News

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