A modern movie version of the work of a bard

Bengal has not only brought the state into the limelight worldwide, but has also created a number of talents that have reshaped our arts, culture and music. One such persona to redefine the whole culture and become an important part of our heritage in his words and actions was the Bengali bard Rabindranath Tagore. Today marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of India’s first Nobel laureate. This day is widely celebrated as Rabindra Jayanti.

A treasure trove of his stories is a source of inspiration for filmmakers and storytellers who respect the ingenuity of polymath. Many attempts have been made to bring his story to life on the screen, but to bring about his poetic work on celluloid, even though it was set at another time, Tagore’s The work was already ahead of its time, so some ability is required.

However, some of the 21st century movie versions stand out for several reasons. Today we will look at some of the films that we have tried in our own way in honor of Gourdef Tagore.

Choker Bali

Director Rituparno Ghoche has found a spiritual guide in Tagore from an early age and pays homage to the artist through several films. His adaptation of the 2003 novel Chokher Bali succeeded in fully maintaining the essence of Tagore, despite placing him in a modern scenario. Chokher Bali tells the story of a lonely widow who makes friendships with a girl of her age, but the emptiness of her life makes her want her friend’s husband. While Gauche was largely faithful to the page while adapting it on the screen, the director’s touch on the complexity of the scene makes it a more stylized adaptation of Tagore.

Chitrangada: Wish for coronation

Another classic by Rituporn Gauche, this film is based on Rabindranath Thagol’s 1913 drama Chitra. His story is never black and white, so his work as a cultural reformer is universal. Rather, it deals with the most complex human emotions in a simple way, and the very well-founded Tagore theme in reality makes them timeless. Chitrang takes part of Mahabharata and tells the story of the warrior princess Chitrangada trying to get Arjuna’s attention, but Gauche adds his vision and living experience to it, of gender identity, same-sex couples. Gender identity treatment based on themes such as struggle.

Tasher Desh

Tagore was a social reformer and a supporter of nationalism, and his ideology was reflected in his work. His 1933 drama Tasherdesh, a political commentary on fascism and freedom of speech, formed the heart of the film of the same name, directed by Bengal’s Kausikmkarzy. However, Mukaji made a complete U-turn from the original story, making a film commonly regarded as the writer’s masterpiece “Trippy Adaptation.” This fantasy film begins with a playwright looking for a place where Tagore’s play Tasher Desh is performed. Unable to find a play show, he leaves himself to write his own adaptations and loses himself altogether in his script. This psychedelic fantasy about humanity, fascism, and revolution indiscriminately incorporates dark and radical Tagore takes that cannot be imagined by a Tagore-loving audience, but as the playwright says, “art and What is it? It is the reaction of the human creative soul to the real call. “

Bioscope straw

Kabiguru’s Kabriwara is a tearful take on the bond between father and daughter, and was the source of inspiration for the 2017 film “Bioscope Walla” filmmaker Fat Medekar. Tagore’s fruit-selling Lemat is a man who shows movies to children through a medecal version of the bioscope, and the story jumps into the Taliban regime from the 19th century to the 1980s. The political position of the film is a perfect tribute to the mysterious man who spent most of his life standing up for what he believed.

Tagore’s literature, a name that is part of the collective consciousness of the Bengali people, has been studied, discussed and respected around the world. But that will continue, but he himself is immeasurable.

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A modern movie version of the work of a bard

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