9 Tips to Give Your Luxe Living Room a Personalized Makeover

The living room is the perfect place to make a lasting style statement and wow your guests.

Living rooms are usually where people choose to host family and friends. That’s why creating a sophisticated yet elegant and cozy atmosphere is crucial. Caitlin Murray, an interior designer of Black Lacquer Design, says she enjoys Mongolian lamb, velvet, and fur to get that layered-up vibe and loves incorporating those materials when designing living rooms.

As you must be aware, every home tells a story. Similarly, every room offers a unique experience that reflects the homeowner’s lifestyle, personality, and personal style.

Each room in the house plays a special role in creating a comfortable, welcoming home. For instance, the home office is an area of work, the bedroom is a personal space of complete relaxation, and the living room is the perfect setting for entertaining friends, family, and guests.

Are you out of your wits end thinking about how to give your living room a makeover? You want the living room to reflect who you are and create a welcoming environment for your guests. Before you make a trip to a furniture showroom in Kolkata, here are a few helpful tips to get you started on furnishing your living room and creating a refined space that will leave your guests smitten.

  1. Add armchairs and sofas upholstered in fine fabrics 

Transform your living room into a cozy, classy, and elegant space with armchairs and sofas upholstered in fine fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet. Luxuriously shiny materials, rich fabrics, and different textures blend to create nuance and depth. The combination will catch the eye of your guests instantly and stimulate their senses. Your guests are bound to enjoy a wonderful tactile experience.

  1. Ornate mirrors and frames can be hung on the walls 

Want to establish a theme that perfectly matches your taste in furniture? You can consider hanging antique paintings in opulent frames, along with glass mirrors in classic shapes. Ensure to hang these items in the most appropriate place. For example, the mirror can be placed on an empty wall and place lights around it. It can make your living room appear elegant. As for the antique painting, it can be hung above a sofa set.

  1. Add accent cushions made from luxe materials 

Cushions are not only a great source of relaxation and comfort, but they’re also ideal for giving armchairs and sofas a more well-rounded, decorative look. When you choose cushions for your living room, you can start by deciding on the color. For a classic living room, the popular colors are brown, beige, and white. Next, you have to think about the right shape to complement the armchair or sofa that you’re decorating.

Then, you have to select quality materials, and for a classy look, your cushions should be made from fabrics like lampas, silk, satin, damask, brocade, or silk. Furthermore, the cushions can showcase intricate details, such as fringes, buttons, cords, or ruffles.

  1. Beautifully upholstered poufs and ottomans 

The addition of a few upholstered poufs and ottomans can ensure your living room is both appealing and welcoming. To complete the look, you can opt for velvet, quilted satin, or silk with tassels that will add to the classic, elegant look of your living room.

  1. Add decorative lighting 

The room’s mood is determined by lighting, and it can be extended to the entire home. Lights tend to connect observers and spaces emotionally and enhance the overall experience. To personalize your living room and create the ideal atmosphere, ensure to select classic lighting fixtures. First, focus on the ambient lighting of the room by opting for decorative chandeliers or glass pendants.

Second, get a few accent lighting fixtures to highlight certain art pieces, objects, or antiques in the living room. You can also install fabric lampshades to emit filtered yet bright light.

  1. Add a dining table to enjoy a dining + living room vibe 

Modern homes are all about utilizing space to its maximum capacity. So, if you wish to use your spacious living room, you can divide it into a living room and dining room. For example, you can add a dining table in Kolkata and a few decorative chairs around so that big groups can enjoy dining and relaxing together. To demarcate the two rooms, you can use rugs or carpets.

  1. Get a carpet or rug for your living room 

A feeling of completeness can be achieved by adding a rug or carpet in the living room. You can choose the aptest carpet or rug based on your style and comfort needs. To maintain a chromatic and geometric pattern, you can cover the entire floor with a soft carpet. But, if you want to play with sizes, shapes, and textures, you can lay rugs as a means of separating the different sections in the living rom. For instance, a small rug can be placed under your sofa set, armchairs, or tables. The color and pattern of the rugs or carpet must match the overall theme of the living room.

  1. Use large decorative curtains 

Curtains make for great accessories for living rooms. You can hang decorative curtains made from rich fabrics like damask velvet, cotton, linen, brocade, or lampas. These large curtains will complete your living space by emphasizing aesthetic beauty.

  1. Make use of classic wallpapers

Walls determine the atmosphere in a room, and you can accessorize the walls in your living room to augment its lavish feel. Wallpapers make for the ideal decorative element that gives a visual appeal and instantly makes your living room feel new. The theme, pattern, and color of the wallpaper might match your furniture style.

So, bored of looking at your same-old living room? Take inspiration from the recommendations mentioned above and get started on a makeover project.

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