77% want petrol, diesel under GST construction: LocalCircles

As many as 77% want gasoline and diesel to be included in the GST structure. This revelation took place shortly before the GST Council meeting on Friday. The Council is expected to discuss this issue in accordance with the Kerala High Court’s order, which asked the Council to decide to bring gasoline and diesel within the scope of the GST, based on a written petition.

According to a LocalCircles survey, 77% of those surveyed say they want gasoline and diesel under the GST structure. Only 11% answered “no” and 12% answered “can’t say”. As many as 7,590 responses were recorded from 379 districts. Of these, 61% were men and 39% were women. In addition, 44% were from Tier 1 districts, 29% were from Tier 2, 27% were from Tier 3, 4, and rural areas.

Consumers want GST-based fuels to reduce household costs. According to the report, even with a GST of 28%, the price of gasoline will drop to 75 rupees and diesel will drop to 70 rupees per liter.

Gasoline and diesel prices are rising rapidly. Gasoline is about Rs100-110 in multiple cities, while diesel is about Rs90-100 per liter. Rising fuel costs are also impacting the cost of essentials and other commodities, and the public, who are already financially struggling with COVID-19, will have to deal with the blow.

Includes fuel in the GST seems like a good prospect for consumers, but state and central governments will witness a loss of income in the short term.

GST included central taxes such as excise tax and state taxes such as VAT on July 1, 2017. However, five petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, ATF, natural gas and crude oil, were not included in the GST system.

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77% want petrol, diesel under GST construction: LocalCircles

Source link 77% want petrol, diesel under GST construction: LocalCircles

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