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Jammu: Deputy Governor Manoji Shinha, Chairman of the Shri Matavaishno Devi Shrine Board, today prior to “Sharadna Bratras and Diwali” for millions of believers around the world during the 68th meeting. Released 20 grams of silver souvenir coins (999 fineness) I am a member of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board here in Raj Bhavan.

Before the release of 20 grams of silver souvenir coins today, the Shri Matavaishnodevi Shrine Board (SMVDSB) was guaranteed to be pure 2g, 5g with the inscription of the idol of the goddess Matavaishnodevisi. , Developed 10g gold and silver coins. Coin rates depend on the denomination selected and common gold / silver rates. These coins can be purchased at souvenir shops in Bhavan, Jammu Airport, Katra and Weishnavidam Jammu.

In addition, the Vice-Governor has electronically opened a digital library established at SGC Katra with the aim of alleviating the difficulty of finding information in vast books.

The meeting was attended by Board member – HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Dr. Ashok Burn; Justice (Retd) Permod Kohli; NS. KK Sharma; Maj. Gen. (Retd) Shiv Kumar Sharma; NS. KB Kakuru and Sh. Vijay Dhar directly via virtual mode.

While chairing a meeting of the shrine board, the vice-governor considered the pilgrim-centered infrastructure set up by the board.

He emphasized the need to expand the best possible facilities for visiting pilgrims, in sync with new requirements with a particular focus on cleanliness and hygiene.

First, the Board reviewed Yatra statistics for the year and discussed various steps that could be taken to further increase Yatra, which had declined sharply due to the resurgence of Covid-19.

The conference also provided a brief assessment of SMVDNS Hospital, SMVD Nursing College, SMVD Guru Kuru, and SMVD Sports Complex.

While extensively examining the status of the ongoing megaprojects for the convenience of pilgrims, the Board has instructed the CEO to complete Durga Bhavan within 12 months, or by August 2022.

The board also reviewed the status of the underground cable project from Katra to Bhavan and the surrounding area already allocated to M / s. JSP is a company based in Ghaziabad by PDD of the J & K government. This high utility project includes a SCADA compliance-based monitoring system for electrical networks. With the implementation of this project, existing LT / HT overhead transmission lines will be replaced with underground cables to ensure uninterruptible power supplies along the tracks and in the Bawan area.

The Board conducted an extensive review of the projects and instructed them to complete these projects in a timely manner. The board asks the CEO to devise an advertising policy for the truck to be displayed on the high-tech video wall installed on the truck leading to the Shrine of Shri Matavaishnodevisi, while checking the progress of the ongoing project. I instructed. ..

During the meeting, the Board approved 2021-22 grants to the SMVD Charitable Society, including SMVDIME, SMVD Guru Kuru, SMVDNS Hospital, SMVD Sports Complex, and SMVD Nursing College.

The board evaluated the capabilities of the call center established in the initiative for optimal use and decentralization of real-time information on facilities created for pilgrims. This initiative was intended to provide the coveted support for pilgrims to plan visits to this most respected shrine, taking into account common weather conditions.

The Board reviewed the key outcomes of the Action Plan for the Annual Green Plan 2020-2021. Several important decisions have also been made for employee well-being, including policy changes for compassionate appointments and incentives for higher qualifications. The board also approved the re-appointment of officers on behalf of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board.

In addition to the long-awaited demand of the citizens for the completion of the Shankara Charya Temple in Katra Town, the development of connectivity to the temple and related facilities was also deliberated. The CEO was instructed to go further in this regard.

NS. Ramesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of SMVDSB, gave a detailed presentation on the latest status of various activities of the Board of Directors and the steps taken regarding the implementation of various decisions of the previous Board of Directors.

The new digital library launched today has been announced to reduce the enormous cost of maintaining manual libraries. It also consists of a quick search function and various multimedia streaming technologies, which is very useful for Guru Kuru students and faculty, SMVDCoN, officers, shrine board staff, locals, students and more.

Dr. Arun Kumar Meta, Chief Secretary. NS. Nitishwar Kumar, Deputy Governor’s Principal Secretary. And Sh. SMVDSB’s additional CEO, Vivek Verma, also attended the meeting directly in virtual mode.

68th meeting of the SMVD Shrine Board; Vice Governor releases silver souvenir coins.Launching Digital Library-India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

Source link 68th meeting of the SMVD Shrine Board; Vice Governor releases silver souvenir coins.Launching Digital Library-India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

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