66% of India’s adult population received at least one COVID-19 vaccine: Government

The center said Thursday that 66 percent of the country’s adult population had at least one COVID-19 vaccine and 23 percent had both. At a press conference, Union Health Minister Rajesh Boushan said 63.7 percent of the vaccine was given in rural areas and 35.4 percent in urban areas.

He said that untagged Covid vaccination centers in rural or urban areas received a total dose of Rs 682,000 (about 0.95 percent).

According to data from the CoWIN portal, the cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccines given domestically exceeded 8.4 billion rupees.

From May 1st to September 22nd, about 6% were given in private hospitals and the rest in public health facilities, according to Boushan.

“Two-thirds (66%) of India’s adult population is vaccinated against SARS-CoV 2, and nearly one-quarter of the adult population is vaccinated twice. Both of these parameters So you can see that the state and UT are doing it. It’s much better than these averages. It’s a very important mile in itself, like any other milestone you know. It’s a stone, “said NITI Aayog member (health) VK Paul.

He said that the tremendous importance of its coverage is now a satisfying issue, as vaccines provide a great deal of protection against serious illness and death.

“We get full protection for qualified but unvaccinated people, men and women, pregnant women, and everyone, especially older people over the age of 50. I urge you to get the first and second vaccinations so that you can. I was able to overcome this pandemic. ”

According to Boushan, 99% of health care workers received the first dose and 84% of qualified health care workers received the second dose.

He said 100% of frontline workers received the first dose and 80% received the second dose.

According to shared data, the average daily dose given per month increased from 19.69 rac in May to 39.89 rac in June, 43.41 rac in July, and 59.19 rac in August.

According to the Minister of Health, the average daily vaccination in September was 81.60 Rakı per day, and on September 22, nearly 1.8 billion rupees were vaccinated.

He said that for total vaccination, 4.339 billion rupees of men (52.2 percent) were vaccinated, 3.972 billion rupees of women were vaccinated with jabs (47.8 percent), and about 0.02 percent of “other” genders were also vaccinated during this period. Said he was vaccinated.

66% of India’s adult population received at least one COVID-19 vaccine: Government

Source link 66% of India’s adult population received at least one COVID-19 vaccine: Government

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