6 actresses popular for OTT success

With the OTT boom of the last five to six years, actors are no longer dependent on big screens to gain popularity. Thanks to the success of the show on the streaming platform, some actresses have become popular faces and have appeared in several web projects. Here’s a look at some of the actresses who have become familiar faces over the last few years thanks to OTT.

Schweta Tripati: This sweet-faced actress has won the heart with several OTT appearances. Her character, Gol, from Mirzapur, sympathizes with young girls across the country. She has participated in other popular shows such as Tripling, Gone Game, Made In Heaven, Lakhon Mein Ek and The Trip, showing how well she can shape herself to different characters.

Sovita Duripara: Sobhita Dhulipala not only impresses the chops acting on the screen, but also has a nice certain calm. She has tried different roles, from Made In Heaven to Bard Of Blood and Ghost Stories. She not only has a fascinating range, but also picks up characters that showcase her immeasurable acting potential.

Rasika Dugal: From Mirzapur to Out of Love, Delhi Climb, Made in Heaven, and the Right Boy, Rashika Dugal is part of several successful web projects. She is mostly seen wearing a simple look on her projects, but always for her powerful performance, regardless of whether she is the protagonist or a member of the ensemble cast. It stands out.

Anupuriya Goenka: After several film appearances, including the Magnum Opus Goddess Padmaavat and the Action Thriller War, Anuprya starred in web projects such as the Sacred Games, Criminal Justice, Final Call, Abbey, Asul, and Ashram. She plays her part with finesse and calmness. This brings her character to life on the screen, making it an even easier experience for the viewer.

Sayani Gupta: She opened up a niche for herself with unconventional looks and creative style statements. In addition, her brilliance will appear on the screen on shows such as Four More Shots Please and Inside Edge. She has also appeared in several OTT films such as Pagglait, Axone and Posham Pa.

Mitira Parker: She came to the fore due to the immense popularity of the web. Her debut series “Little Things” was a huge hit, prompting her for more offers in the web space. Her cheerful personality has resonated with young people, and Mitilla continues to adhere to her image in films such as chopsticks and tribanga.

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6 actresses popular for OTT success

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